Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence research at Illinois covers a broad range of topics that include knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, reasoning and logic, robotics, information systems, and motion planning. Research in Artificial Intelligence at Illinois focuses on the computational foundations of intelligent behavior. Application areas include molecular biology, manufacturing, control theory, and scheduling.


Some of the topics explored in Artificial Intelligence research include:

  • Learning in Natural Language
  • Learning and Inference
  • Intelligent Information Access
  • Knowledge Representation and Inference
  • Learning Theory
  • Recognizing objects and their properties
  • Spatial

    understanding from images

  • Physically-grounded scene interpretation
  • Developing effective image representations for recognition
  • Integrating statistical and geometric techniques for comprehensive 2D and 3D scene description
  • Modeling and organizing large-scale Internet image collections
  • Feedback motion planning for robotics
  • Landmark-based robotic navigation and mapping
  • Rapidly-expanding random tree algorithms
  • Automatic reasoning
  • Autonomous agent control and architectures
  • Representing and using commonsense knowledge and relational uncertain knowledge
  • Planning and rational decision making
  • Learning explicit knowledge in dynamic settings
  • Combinatory Categorical grammar parsing


Category: Computer Science

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