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Computer scientists research and develop technology that addresses complicated business problems and scientific needs. However, these scientists also create computer chips, processors and hardware to speed up and improve the performance of existing software. Computer scientists develop video games, virtual reality programs and work with robotics to create machines that move and operate without human control. The function of computer scientists may differ depending on whether they work in academia, scientific organizations or corporations. Scientists working in universities may focus more on scientific theory, while computer science professionals in business organizations invent technology to generate profit.


Professionals in the computer science technology field must think creatively and logically when creating software applications and other technologies. They must have excellent math, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills. Though computer scientists work independently, they must be able to work well with people and communicate with programmers, managers and other technical staff on a regular basis.

Job Titles

The computer science technology field is broad and offers a variety of roles for database administrators, computer scientists and analysts. Some of the job positions open to computer science technology professionals include applications developer, computer animator, information technology (IT) manager, systems analyst, web developer, computer programmer and computer engineer.


According to the BLS, the median salary for computer and information science professionals was $97,970 as of May 2008. Professionals

in the lowest 10th percentile earned $57,480, and professionals in the highest 10th percentile earned $151,250.



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