Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science degree is designed for students who are interested in analyzing, collecting and processing biological evidence related to various types of legal and other investigations. Individuals who earn this degree may be interested in pursuing a career in crime scene investigation, DNA analysis, forensics, criminal investigation or as a lab technician.

With the rapid advances in biology, and because of the precision of the science, courts are allocating greater weight to forensic evidence. Employment growth in state and local government should be driven by the increasing application of forensic science techniques—such as DNA analysis—to examine, help solve and prevent crime. This has created a critical need for personnel with specialized training in the field.

Individuals who earn a forensic science bachelor‛s degree may seek employment in various private or public forensic science and conventional analytical laboratories. Students with sufficient work experience could eventually qualify for positions as laboratory supervisors, managers or directors. Graduates will also find the program very useful in

pursuing a future forensic science degree at the master‛s or Ph.D. level.

The forensic science degree builds on a solid foundation of biology and chemistry, and provides additional training in criminal investigation, forensic biology, forensic human pathology, serology and forensic DNA analysis. The program provides excellent preparation for graduate work in specialized areas of forensic science.

Forensic science students receive extensive training in the collection and analysis of biological evidence in both lab and field settings. In addition, students learn how to evaluate mock crime scenes and how to document, collect and analyze the biological evidence to establish the time and cause of death.

A big congratulation goes out to Chantalle Violette for her acceptance into the Master of Science in Forensic Science graduate program through the University of Florida! Chantalle graduated Spring 2014 with her Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science degree, summa cum laude. She also keeps busy with her internship at the Chandler Police Department in the Forensic Services Section.


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