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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer science is concerned in the broadest sense with the study of computation and applications of computing. Its development has been stimulated by collaborations with many areas including engineering, the physical and life sciences, mathematics and statistics and commerce. However, computer science is much more than a set of techniques used in these application areas. Computer science as a discipline encompasses a wide range of research areas. For example, "human-computer interaction" is the study of computer usage patterns and the design of interfaces between users and computing systems. "Software engineering" includes both the process of building software and the study of software production as a business. "Systems" (networks, operating systems, databases, compilers) is concerned with the design and analysis of complex computing systems. "Numerical analysis" involves the design, testing, and analysis of numerical methods for solving computational problems in science and engineering. "Cryptography" is the study of the hiding of information. "Theory" encompasses computability - what can and cannot be computed by machines; complexity - the relative effort required to perform various computations; and verification - the formal proof of the correctness of programs.

Course offerings in the Computer Science program are intended to serve a wide variety of students, ranging from those whose primary interest is in information processing to those interested in applying computing to other fields.

Enrolment is restricted in all CSC specialist and major programs. CSC108H5, CSC148H5, MAT102H5 and MAT135Y5/137Y5 are the standard first year courses for students who plan to continue in a Computer Science program.


  1. All CSC programs require MAT102H5, MAT135Y5/137Y5, and CSC148H5. To take these courses, you must have obtained a minimum of 70% in Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalent, and you must have completed Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or equivalent. A minimum of 70% in MCV4U is recommended.
  2. All CSC specialist and major programs have a writing requirement. The recommended course to satisfy that requirement

    is CSC290H5. All students can also satisfy the writing requirement with any of CCT110H5; ENG100H5, 110Y5; HSC200H5, 300H5; LIN204H5; WRI203H5. If a student wishes to substitute another course to satisfy the writing requirement, the student should consult the Computer Science Faculty Advisor.

  3. Students enrolled in any of the Computer Science programs are strongly encouraged to consider participating in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) program.
  4. Students in any University of Toronto program may complete up to 1.5 credits of third and fourth year CSC courses. Enrolment in additional CSC courses is restricted to students in CSC specialist and major programs.
  5. CSC courses are offered on all three campuses of the University of Toronto. Some course numbers are unique to a specific campus, and others are shared between campuses. When a course with a common number is offered at U of T Mississauga, students are expected to take the course at the U of T Mississauga, even if that course is offered on a different campus in a different academic term. Due to enrolment pressures, U of T Mississauga students may not always be able to enrol in courses unique to the other campuses.

We welcome inquiries from U of T students at the other two campuses about taking Computer Science courses unique to the U of T Mississauga campus. A reciprocal statement holds: Due to enrolment pressures at the U of T Mississauga campus, U of T students from the other two campuses may not be able to enrol in courses unique to the U of T Mississauga campus.

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  • ENG English
  • HSC Biomedical Communications
  • LIN Linguistics
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