Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Online

The Bachelor of Science degree program in computer science aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for the following:

  • To develop an understanding of computer programming, networking, and data administration
  • To plan, implement, and manage a range of information security strategies and IT projects
  • To enable work in areas such as computer architecture, software engineering, and operating systems.
  • To efficiently automate and implement different computer processes
  • To design programming languages that can express and specify algorithms

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Program Structure

This degree generally takes four years to complete. It is also common for students to take more or less than four years depending upon their enrollment status or how many classes they take per semester. Some schools offer accelerated bachelor’s degree programs which could be completed in two years. During the four years of their undergraduate studies, students will get the opportunity to study courses in humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. They will have to gain a certain number of credit hours by taking major courses.

They may choose their specialization in an area of interest. Students will receive hands-on experience during their classes. The assigned tasks often include writing codes, debugging programs, and building software. After receiving this degree, you will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to keep up with changing technology. A strong base in computer science will help ensure that graduates will qualify for higher level programs.

Program Curriculum

This program will feature the following major courses:

  • Compiling Techniques
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Logic Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Database and Information Management Systems
  • Theory about Algorithms
  • Information Security
  • Computer Vision
  • Computational Geometry
  • Programming Languages

A bachelor’s degree allows you to gain universal skills that may be applied in different settings.

Career Opportunities

This degree is an entry level requirement for most positions in the field of information technology. These include the following:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer And Information System Mangers
  • Computer systems Analyst
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Hardware Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Computer Network Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Graduates may also work in complementary areas such as law, education, medicine, social sciences, physical and life sciences, and the humanities.

Online Education Options

Online learning features resources and tools that offer an exciting educational experience. It has now become possible to earn your degree while balancing your career and family obligations. Programs are offered that could either be completed entirely online or as a combination of on-campus and online study. Combination type programs are known as hybrid programs and generally schedule the on-campus components during the weekends. If you want to enroll in a program

offering computer science bachelor’s degree online, look for degree programs accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET to ensure quality education. Students may complete their degree requirements on a flexible schedule at their own pace. Tuition and financial aid options are also available. Students should explore these to find the one for which they qualify.

This area of study is extremely broad, but one which is in high demand these days. Everything from big businesses to hospitals and even schools are becoming more reliant on computers to assist them in their daily tasks. As a result, technology needs to improve at a steady pace to be able to offer effective help. Computer scientists are professionals who monitor existing technology, and devise ways of modifying them to increase efficiency. If needed, these professionals also create the blueprints for and develop new technologies, which could increase productivity and tackle more complex problems.

Because of their widespread applications, computer scientists are highly paid professionals, earning competitive salaries and gaining employment in multiple industrial areas. Enterprises may hire them to manage internal databases or networks; software development firms hire them to help code new programs and applications; and research firms may hire them to run complex simulations and analyze data. As a computer scientist, your skill set is versatile enough to enter each of these fields confidently.

What Does It Take To Enter This Field?

Those interested in becoming computer scientists could enroll in an undergraduate degree program. These degree programs usually take four years to complete, but could be completed earlier depending on the university’s academic calendar and course schedule. Principle areas of study include artificial intelligence, networks, database systems, computer vision and graphics, programming languages, and software engineering. Courses involve both classroom instruction and practical training, and students are able to gain significant hands-on experience in each of these fields.

In addition to these courses, students are also required to take courses in mathematics and logic; these classes help them think in more structured ways when developing algorithms and programs. As a computer science student, a major responsibility is to translate instructions into a language which is easy for the computer to understand. Without properly structuring your code, this would be impossible. Computer science bachelor’s degrees help you develop a comfort in ‘communicating’ with machines.

For individuals who wish to transition into this field, or complete their requirements in a more convenient manner, there are online computer science bachelor degree programs available. They eliminate the need to attend classes on a campus, which help to make it easier to complete course requirements and obtain a degree. Online computer science bachelor degree programs are great for students who are looking for a cost-saving or time-saving option, or who want to attend college on a part-time basis.

What Could I Do With An Undergraduate Degree?

A major field requiring computer scientists today is that of embedded systems. This technology is used in everything around us, from cars to machines and even our smartphones. Computer scientists are required to increase their efficiency and find new ways of designing them as well. With more data being exchanged online, cyber security and network security is also an area which requires high expertise in computer science. In the research area, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence are areas receiving increased attention.


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