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Adaptive Instantaneous Traffic Signal Management through Cascade Object Detection

Graduate Thesis, 2013

A traffic signal duration management system aligned with interminably fluctuating traffic demand is proposed in this thesis work. Computer vision technique is used to judge traffic plea in specific road wing. Road traffic control is one of the prime issues of any busy town in the world. The situation is worst at the junction point of multiple roads. It is not always possible to predict upcoming traffic pressure intensity and direction with prior experience and information.

Graduate Thesis, 2012

The objective of this research is to

classify or forecast the stock market from the general investor?s point of view. There are four parts in this research. In the first part we performed a survey on most of the well known data mining indicators, implemented the algorithms and calculated the accuracy by applying them on historical data.

Graduate Thesis, 2011

A Modified PolyHarmonic Broadcasting Scheme with Seamless Channel Transition Due to continuous change in networking technology, video on demand (VOD) has gained enormous popularity. One of the VOD scheme is harmonic broadcasting which is concern about bandwidth. PolyHarmonic broadcasting (PHB) protocols provide an efficient way to distribute videos that are requested by clients and are simultaneously watched by many viewers.


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