As a new inclusion to our APCS curriculum, we are going to create our own page for the class with any information we can.

You will be required once a week to add more content to this wiki. The amount you contribute is up to you, however the more you put in the more you will get out of it. Just in case you get behind in your weekly add ons, remember that you can always make them up for partial credit. This definately beats getting a zero for that week.

For those of you who keep on saying "I don't know what to add.." Just go through the topics and try and make a different example that someone could use. It's very possible that someone else needs a different example to understand a certain topic.

The AP Computer

Science courses are introductory courses in computer science. Because the development of computer programs to solve problems is a skill fundamental to the study of computer science, a large part of the course is built around the development of computer programs or parts of programs that correctly solve a given problem. The course also emphasizes the design issues that make programs understandable, adaptable, and, when appropriate, reusable. At the same time, the development of useful computer programs and classes is used as a context for introducing other important concepts in computer science, including the development and analysis of algorithms, the development and use of fundamental data structures, and the study of standard algorithms and typical applications. In addition, an understanding of the basic hardware and software components of computer systems and the responsible use of these systems are integral parts of the course. The Science of Computers, AP style with Mr. Meermans.

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