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From scientific discovery to business intelligence, "big data" is changing our world. The dissemination of nearly all information in digital form, the proliferation of sensors, breakthroughs in machine learning and visualization, and dramatic improvements in cost, bandwidth, and scalability are combining to create enormous opportunity. The field also presents enormous challenges, thanks to the relentless increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of information ripe for mining and analysis.

UW CSE faculty and students are driving the "Big Data" revolution. We combine depth and breadth of expertise in data management. data visualization. sensing. open information extraction. and systems and networking. We have emerged as one of the world's preeminent centers for machine learning research.

Our efforts span the campus. The University of Washington eScience Institute - recipient of a $38.7 million award from the Moore and Sloan Foundations (joint with Berkeley and NYU), a $9.3 million award from the Washington Research Foundation, and a $2.8 million NSF IGERT award - positions UW at the forefront of data-intensive discovery.

No university offers a more vibrant environment than the University of Washington! And no program offers more opportunity to shape this field than UW CSE!

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CSE is offering a PhD in Computer Science with specialization in Big Data. This degree is part of a campus-wide effort to provide a multi-disciplinary Big Data PhD .

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