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Computer science engineering, or simply "computer science," is a formal, academic study of information, data, computing, and mechanical automation. In 1997, the Computer Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB) clarified computer science as a collection of four disciplines: algorithms and data structures, computational theory, computer architecture, and programming languages. While computer science professionals deal with a wide range of computing topics, they are all ultimately concerned with handling information through a mechanical and computational process. As stated by Peter Denning in his paper, "Computer Science: The Discipline," the primary concern of computer science engineering is therefore, "What can be (efficiently) automated?"

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History of Computer Science Engineering

The precursors to modern, digital computers date back as far as Wilhelm Schickard's 1623 calculator. Digital computing and the academic study of computers and computer engineering, however, are relatively recent phenomena, with roots extending back only to the 1940s. As digital computers became a reality through the 1950s it was realized that computers can simulate environments that allow for modeling, testing,

and even mechanical interaction--such as through robotics--that supersede computation alone. Formalizing the study of computers, and the practice of prototyping and building them, became an essential foundation for the digital computing revolution.

Algorithms and Data Structures



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