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What Our Students Are Saying Now

“ProTrader I and II helped me to fill in the missing information from the introductory courses. I now know how to minimize risk, evaluate the curve and trends in the supply and demand areas of the chart. A great deal of information to absorb, but with on-site lab practice I was able to practice what was given to me in the instructors lectures.”

Darren Crowe, May 2015

“Learning to trade/invest and become able to manage his/her own financial matters effectively is probably a skill that everyone should learn, hopefully early in his/her life. While there are many online programs that claim to teach trading/investing, OTA is a true institution where comprehensive, professional education in those areas can be had and added as a set of very valuable life-long skills. OTA's life-long commitment to train its students is well worth the cost. ”

Hatsuyo Stroh, May 2015

“I am someone who had no prior knowledge in trading of any kind, nor the financial industry. My fire was lit after Market Timing but once I attended the Pro Trader courses I was blown away. In less than a week I was setting accurate zones and executing successful trades. Exactly the kind of facility and experience I was searching for. Very excited to extend my career in trading and finances.”

Robert Victor, April 2015

“The outside world thinks that trading FOREX should be avoided and is very dangerous. It is, if you don't know what you're doing. OTA took the "boogey man" out of the closet and showed us who he was and what he could do to improve our lives. This is an ideal approach for those persons who have small accounts to start with. My future will now be very different thanks to OTA.”

Diana Alden, April 2015

“Pro Futures class really was able to give me a better understanding of the futures markets and how to implement them into a sound trading plan. I really appreciate all the support OTA has given to me to

sky rocket my career to new heights.”

Rahman Weimer, April 2015

“I have been an OTA student for 4 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with OTA, either in class or in the online classrooms. I am very much impressed with the quality and passion of my instructors. I also very much enjoyed the constructive, positive environment that OTA has developed for the students, and the community that has been created among the students.”

David Hansen, April 2015

“I truly enjoyed learning about the Forex Market and trading techniques at OTA Dallas. Tracy Hubbard is an outstanding instructor. His experience and teachings that he was able to pass on to the class I am sure will shorten our learning curve to be successful traders. He is an outstanding mentor that I look forward to seeing again in the future.”

Bill Cabaj, April 2015

“If you are ready to take control of your financial life, and are willing to put the work in, OTA is the place. Stop settling. Stop making excuses. Stop feeling helpless about your financial situation. Take control of your life through knowledge and skill, because those are things no one can take from you. OTA has the ability to provide you with both, but only you can make the decision to cut the crap and make a change.”

Aurelious Christian, April 2015

“This center is much better than I expected. I will recommend it to friends and family - If you like trading you should join OTA, every penny and every minute of your time is worth it. I loved Damontre Owens, very live class - he was so patient with questions - I learned a lot. He is great on explaining and computer skills.”

Mitra Deihimi, April 2015

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No ivory tower here. our instructors include former market makers, brokers, and business leaders. Each one is experienced in online stock trading and an active trader on their own account.

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