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A Guide to the Japan Rail Pass Featured Image

Uruma Takezawa went on a long journey to discover himself, the world, and take some of the most stunning travel photographs you will ever see in your life.

A hotel in Japan has introduced 'crying rooms' for women to use when everything gets too much for them, equipped with everything needed to get the tears flowing.

These are the ridiculously lovely San Blas Islands of Panama. You could be forgiven that these images have been

digitally enhanced, but they honestly haven't!

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"The tradition of making coffee in Cuba has a rich history and tradition. So, a cup of a strong yet flavourous and sweet ‘Café Cubano’ will leave a pleasant and lasting aftertaste."

"There are no guarantees that you will become wiser after visiting 50 countries. It doesn’t matter how much you experience, but the way you experience it."


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