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1970 F250 4bt Cummins swap.

I snagged myself a 1970 F250 crewcab a few months back with plans to restore/rebuild her and swap in a 4bt. Everything has gone fairly smooth so far and I am nearing paint & interior phases. I had originally built a 327 small block for this truck but then decided to go with a 4bt. I didn't want the weight of the 6bt and don't really need all the power I have in my current truck. I was looking for lighter, quicker and more responsive than the 6bt. I do not drag race, tow anything, or dyno my trucks. I just drive em'. So I sold the 327 and bought the 4bt.

Now I am no where near

the fabricator as a lot of other guys with build threads on here. I also am very limited on space with a one car garage(full of crap) and very small driveway. Fortunately I found a great shop in San Diego from reading one of chasetrucks threads on FTE and have had a lot of work done there. So instead of spending a few years doing this swap I am moving along fairly quickly. The truck is also getting proffesional attention where I think it is most necessary. As much as I wanted to do everything myself, I believe it is best to be honest with yourself about your fabrication skills and how restricted you will be with the tools, space, and time you have.

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