The Best $200 In-Ear Headphones

*At the time of publishing, the price was $150.

Wait…$90 headphones beat out $200-plus headphones. Stop the damn presses. It was the kind of game-changing find that tips the scales and makes me love my job so much. The only complaint we have is that they lack a mic or remote of any kind, which you can find in our runner-up pick.

While we think that the XBA-H1 is a great pick for most people, it

was not an easy pick because so much good stuff has come out over the past year. That said, the quibbles we have with the runner-up (or even our fourth-place pick) will only be noticeable if you have listened to as many headphones as we have or listen to all of them back-to-back, as we did. In fact, if you prioritize other features, like a microphone/remote or a livelier sound profile, you might actually prefer our alternate picks over the main one.


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