Air Compressor (Piston Type, Air Cooled)

H.S.Code: 8414301990

Air compressor is the air source for PET stretch blow molding machine. It compresses air from atmospheric pressure to required pressure. For bottle production process, generally, multi-stage reciprocating type (piston type) air compressor is adopted, which is generally made up of 3-stage or 4-stage cylinders to compress the air to 10

40 bar output pressure step by step according to different requirement.

Such compressors are comprised by several key components: compressor head, motor, air tank and so on. The compressor head and the motor are both installed on the plate of the tank. The whole set is easily movable. The compressor head is driven to work

by the motor through the V-belt transmission. Passing through the air filter, the air is inhaled into the 1st stage cylinder, where it is compressed to a certain pressure. After being cooled in the intermediate cooler, the compressed air is inhaled into the 2nd stage cylinder and finally compressed to the rated pressure. It enters the air tank via the check valve and ready for use.

For PET bottle blow molding, usually 20

As KAC series air compressors are piston type machine, compressed air contains some water, oil and dust. But for PET bottle blow molding, purified compressed air (oil-free, water-free, dust-free) is necessary. Thus, an air purifier is necessary.


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