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How to run a Bios update on an Alienware Computer

This article shows you how to run a Bios update on an Alienware Computer

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For All Desktops and Laptops*

1. Ensure that the computer has power source connected. For mobiles, the Ac/adapter should be the correct one and the main battery needs to be at least 10% of it's charge.

2. Save the Bios file to the computer. For downloading the files, go to and browse by "Model " to the Drivers page of your System.

3. After downloading the file, close any application open. Go to the folder

where you download the file.

4. Run the file as "Administrator " and click on "Flash Bios ".

5. After the system finishes the Flash process, the computer will be shutdown. You will need to turn it On again. Press F2 when the Alienware Logo appears and under the Main tab of the Bios. verify the Bios was correctly updated with the vesion you just ran.

* For Alienware M15x

The BIOS update A09 file cannot be flashed in Windows on the Alienware™ M15x, that is why you should go to the article here in order to know the step-by-step procedure you need to follow with this specific computer and file

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