The Genesis Controller is an Easy and Affordable Way to Get Started with Micro Farming

Genesis Controller

Whether you’re living in the city and want to start a garden in your basement, or own a farm and are looking for a more efficient method of raising crops, hydroponics is most likely the answer. The method, which uses water and nutrients to raise plants, is more efficient, wastes less water, grows more plants per square foot, and offers faster growth periods is one of the best farming options available but for most, the complexities of chemical nutrients and plant feeding can be intimidating. The Genesis Controller is an idea that is currently being crowd funded on IndieGoGo that would make growing Hydroponics easier by controlling chemicals, nutrients, temperature, and more.

Genesis Controller Genesis Controller

The Genesis Controller for MicroFarming

Why Hydroponics

Hydroponics is currently recognized as one of the leading growing methods because it uses less water, less nutrients, and can grow ten times more with the same water and energy. Hydroponics can also be placed anywhere, even in a basement with the addition of a grow light, so buying one can quite literally allow anyone to control

much of their food source so long as they have the room. Rooftop, outdoor, indoor, and below ground growth is all possible, meaning that it could help to solve hunger issues around the world. Because hydroponics can be used in heavily populated urban areas, it is also suitable for families and people in apartments who want to grow fresh food. Anything can be grown with hydroponics, but the main barrier is nothing more than knowledge and money, and the Genesis hydroponics unit makes both of those easier because it is an ‘out of the box’ solution that almost anyone can use.

Genesis Controller

Getting It

Sustainable Microfarms, the company behind the Genesis Controller, claims that their end goal is to create affordable microfarming for personal and industrial use. This would eventually reduce growing time, increase crops, reduce water waste, and perhaps enable more people to grow food rather than having to purchase it.

If you’re interested in supporting this project but don’t want one of your own, you can donate, purchase a Nano Hydroponics Kit for your desk, or help spread the word.


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