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Beagle Bone Black board

Difficult to choose between manufacturers of embedded system boards supporting Linux and other Free Software operating systems? There are so many of them now…

To help you find the best hardware solution for your system, we are keeping a list of suppliers making attractive products.

Here are the conditions to be on the list:

  • Offer attractive and competitive products
  • At least one products supported (at least partially) in the official versions of Free Software operating systems (Linux, eCos, NetBSD…). This is a rather strong requirement, but only such products bring a guarantee for long term community support, making it much easier to develop and maintain embedded systems. Compare this with hardware supporting only a very old and heavily patched Linux kernel, for example, which software can only be maintained by its original developers. This also reveals the ability of the hardware vendor to work with the community and share technical information with its users and developers. On the ARM platform, we also include boards supported by Linaro. which has ongoing projects to support these boards in mainline Linux.
  • At least one product meeting the above requirements, with a public price (without having to register), and still available on the market.
  • Specifications and documentation directly available on the website (no registration required).
  • Website with an English version.

Companies and organizations are listed by alphabetical order, mentioning the country where their headquarters are. Of course, most of these organizations accept worldwide orders.


Makers of the cheap and attractive FOX boards.
  • Armadeus.org (France) Cheap and attractive boards, created by a community project to make it easier to develop open-source embedded systems!
  • Atmel (USA) Makers of small and cheap ARM based embedded computers. They also produce the Snowball board, based on ST Ericsson’s Nova A9500 CPU, and supported by Linaro.
  • Cogent Computer Systems (USA) Cheap and small ARM, PPC and MIPS single board computers.
  • CompuLab (Israel) ARM, PowerPC or x86 Computers-On-Modules, PC/104+

    and ATX boards.

  • Embest (China) Makers of the DevKit8000 board based on the OMAP3530 CPU
  • FriendlyARM (China) Very cheap ARM boards, some with LCD displays or VGA output. Public prices on distributor websites
  • Freescale (Global) Maker of the i.MX53 QuickStart board. supported by Linaro. Includes a SATA connector.
  • Glomation (USA) Makers of cheap ARM based single board computers.
  • Gumstix (USA) Gum stick size ARM boards, very small computers.
  • ISEE (Spain) Makers to the IGEP boards, the most powerful ARM boards we know about, with attractive price and features.
  • KwikByte (USA) Cheap ARM 920T development board.
  • MikroTik (Latvia) Makers of the RouterBoard products, embedded boards with multiple Ethernet ports and multiple miniPCI slots.
  • Simtec (UK) ARM single board computers and development boards
  • taskit Embedded Systems (Germany) Micro ARM or x86 computers and small ARM or x86 boards.
  • Technologic Systems (Embedded Arm) (USA) Many different ARM and x86 PC/104 single board computers and add-ons.
  • Texas Instruments (USA) Makers of some of the most popular boards in the community: Beagle board. Panda board. Hawk board and Leopard board. with impressive performance for a very low price.
  • Tin Can Tools (USA) Makers of cheap and portable ARM SBCs.
  • Toradex (Switzerland) Xscale computer-on-module and development board.
  • Voipac (Slovak Republic) Makers of cheap PXA based computers on modules and embedded boards.
  • Wandboard.org (Worldwide)

    Low-cost Cortex-A9 board created by a group of engineers in their free time. Hardware available under an open license.

  • Contributing to this page

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know about other suppliers, or to report websites which still are on our list but no longer match our criteria. Corrections and updates are also welcome.

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