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By Abarrass on 4 Dec. 2012

Style Name: Core i5-3317U, 4GB Verified Purchase

I am actually writing this review on this laptop. I had a 7 year old sony vaio which was doing stirling work and even running windows 8 in a sort of fashion. But it was getting very old so it was time to look for a new model. I wanted a laptop with a good screen and processor to do a lot of stuff like games and excel and photo editing. I liked this one as it also had a 1gb graphics card built in to it as well. I have Nvidia in my main PC and know there graphics cards are the best.

The pictures don't really do the product justice. It has a lovely finish to it and is a little thinner than I thought it was going to be and people keep asking how much for my expensive ultrabook. It is not quite an ultrabook but close to it. It has all the ports on it that I need and a dvd rw drive which is great. VGA and Ethernet are added via a separate cable but that is not a great issue as I

don't use it very often. I have used it in the office once or twice.

I have had a few issue with the trackpad not doing what I want to do but that is mostly down to the buttons being in the trackpad and not separate. I need to remember to take my finger off the mouse button while using my other finger to move around. It keeps thinking I am using two fingers at once and trying to zoom in our out. Or someother swipe. I am getting used to it now. The keyboard is great and the fact it lights up is brilliant. Again a surprise as it was not in any of the images and I must of missed that bit from the specs.

All in all I am really enjoying this laptop as is the rest of my family. It is a family laptop and gets used by myself, my wife and my 12 year old daughter. the different profiles Windows 8 offers is great and the family safety option for locking my daughter off when needed.

Might look to get another 4gb of ram to boost it to 8gb for better photo editing.


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