1. When referring to a physical device. a hardware port or peripheral port is a hole or connection found on the front or back of a computer that allows computers to access external devices such as computer printers. Below is a short listing of the different computer ports you may find on a computer. The picture shows an example of a type of port on the back of a computer.

Computer port examples

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2. A port is a term used to describe the process of taking a program that has been written for specific operating systems and moving it to another operating system. For example, taking a program written for Microsoft Windows and moving it to Linux .

3. When referring to a network or to the Internet. a software or network port is a location where information is sent through. A commonly used and accessed port is port 80, which is the http port. A listing of commonly known and used ports can also be found on the below listing. Users running Microsoft Windows can utilize the netstat command to view currently active connections that include ports currently being used.

Users who want to block ports on their computer or network can use a software or hardware firewall. If you are unable to get access to a particular port it's likely that a firewall is already present on the Network or other network settings set by the administrators have been setup.

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