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The Atari ST is a 68000 based graphical computer. It was often considered a "poor mans Macintosh clone", as it was considerably less expensive than Apple's offering, and clearly did borrow a few ideas from the Mac. user interface.

A couple of neat features of the ST are that it contains its OS in ROM, and that it reads and writes diskettes in DOS "FAT" format.

I have four Atari ST's in my collection, two early model 520STs with separate power supplies and floppy drives, a later model 520ST which has the power supply and floppy drive integrated, and a 1040ST which is essentially the same machine as the later 520 but with 1M of

RAM instead of 512k.

One early model Atari 520ST was donated by C. Goffin, who has provided me with its history .

Click any photo to view a large high-resolution image.

Here we see a complete 520ST system. Clockwise from upper left:

520ST power supply, SF354 power supply, SM124 Monitor, SF354 Diskette Drive, Atari ST mouse. Atari 520ST computer.

This is an original Atari 520ST main unit, which has a separate power supply, and does not include an internal diskette drive. I have two of these, with the only apparent difference being that one of them has an optional TV output.

Source: www.classiccmp.org

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