4 Things to Do Before You Make Your First Student Loan Payment

One perk of having a federal student loan instead of a private student loan is that you are not required to start making payments right away. In fact, many federal student loans have a grace period *, or a set amount of time after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment before you must begin repaying your student loans. For most student loans, the grace period is 6 months but in some instances, the grace period could be longer. The grace period gives you time to get financially settled and to select your repayment plan. If you graduated within the last few months, your grace period may almost be over and you will probably be contacted by your loan servicer.

China Wrests Supercomputer Title From U.S.

A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer ever made, replacing the United States as maker of the swiftest machine, and giving China bragging rights as a technology superpower. The computer, known as Tianhe-1A, has 1. 4 times the horsepower of the current top computer, which is at a national laboratory in Tennessee, as measured by the standard test used to gauge how well the systems handle mathematical calculations, said Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer scientist who maintains the official supercomputer rankings.

Aug. 6, 1997: Apple Rescued — by Microsoft

1997: Microsoft rescues one-time and future nemesis Apple with a $150 million investment that breathes new life into a struggling Silicon Alley icon. In a remarkable feat of negotiating legerdemain, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs got needed cash — in return for non-voting shares — and an assurance that Microsoft would support Office for the Mac for five years. Apple agreed to drop a long-running lawsuit in which they alleged Microsoft copied the look and feel of the Mac OS for Windows and to make Internet Explorer the default browser on its computers — but not the only choice.


Seanet is now offering amazing deals on TV, Internet, and Phone packages! You can get all three services plus Unlimited Web Hosting for Life starting at just $89. 89 a month. No other provider is offering the variety of features and options at these prices. Learn More DSL Internet Blazing-Fast Seanet DSL is nearly 25 times faster than your old dial-up modem. In addition, the connection is “always on,” so you never have to wait to dial in, you’ll never get a busy signal, and you can use your existing phone lines—no wiring required! TrueRing Home Phone Service When unlimited long distance to the US and Canada is included in a phone plan, all you need is a comfortable couch to kick off the conversation.

The Year 1982 From The People History

Fashion Clothing From 1982

1982 New technology continues to change our buying habits with smaller and cheaper electronic gadgets appearing including the first CD player and a new industry is just beginning with the use of Genetic Engineering human insulin produced by bacteria is sold for the first time. On the world stage Argentina invades the Falkland Islands and Argentina and the UK go to war over a small island thousands of miles away. After many reports of Whales becoming and endangered species the International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling, and a major recession hits the United States.

An Amazing Discovery: Andy Warhol’s Groundbreaking Computer Art

Slide: 1 / of 6. Caption: Andy Warhol created a series of digital paintings using an Amiga computer and the GraphiCraft program. They were recently discovered on floppy disks. Image: Andy Warhol Museum Slide: 2 / of 6. Caption: Warhol's Venus as drawn on the Amiga. Notice the copy-pasted third eye. Image: Andy Warhol Museum Slide: 3 / of 6. Slide: 6 / of 6. Caption: The Computer Club used a KyroFlux to help archive the disk's software. The students spent months reverse-engineering this software to be able to open up the obsolete file formats Warhol's images were saved as.

1970 computers

1970 F250 4bt Cummins swap. I snagged myself a 1970 F250 crewcab a few months back with plans to restore/rebuild her and swap in a 4bt. Everything has gone fairly smooth so far and I am nearing paint & interior phases. I had originally built a 327 small block for this truck but then decided to go with a 4bt. I didn't want the weight of the 6bt and don't really need all the power I have in my current truck. I was looking for lighter, quicker and more responsive than the 6bt. I do not drag race, tow anything, or dyno my trucks. I just drive em'.

1960s computer

Early Computers 1960's, Burroughs 205 We often take for granted the technology we use today. In the early 1960's, computers were very much out of reach of small businesses. In fact, most large police departments didn't even use them yet. They were huge and filled up the space of several large living rooms. The only people who could afford computers were huge corporations, governmental agencies, universities and governmental agencies. Above is a photo of a Burroughs 205 computer that was utilized by the University Of Virginia from 1960 to 1964.

1950s computer

The American Dream After soldiers returned home from their duty in World War II, they were given the keys to the American dream courtesy of the G. I. Bill. This enabled these veterans to pursue higher education and buy a home. With this security to drive them, these men were free to marry and start their families immediately. As a result, the families were typically bigger. Because of this, the ideal scenario found the wife at home full-time, taking care of her children while the husband pursued a career. Father Knows Best The emerging popularity of American television helped shape gender roles for both men and women through the 1950s.

The Best $150 Over-Ear Headphones

For those who need an in-line remote and microphone (for use with a smartphone), the Onkyo ES-CTI300 are where it’s at, though they’re $199. If you need a mic: Onkyo makes some fun-sounding headphones that have a version with an in-line remote and mic. They’re $199, but if you want a something a little more fashionable and a mic for calls, they might just be worth the extra cash. Honorable mention (with a huge caveat ): Open-backed headphones aren’t for everyone. But we were really impressed with the sound of the Grado SR80e. They don’t have much low bass, and they definitely have limitations in their use, but in the right environment they are lovely to listen to.

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