Xbox 360 arcade joystick


Khar00f Noob

I'm considering buying the Xbox One as I'm a big fan of Killer Instinct and the new one for me is enough to make me purchase it.

My question resides in the compatibility of my existing wired joystick for my Xbox 360, I have the street fighter tournament edition joystick.

As far as I'm able to read the regular wired controllers are not compatible due to all the "new features" included in

the Controller.

I'm wondering if the joystick are any different and they might actually be supported. If anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

If it isn't, it would be roughly 100$ if not more for a new joystick that I really don't want to have to buy as it would add a lot to the already expensive cost of the xbox one must for one game.

Thank you for your input,


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