7 Top Agatha Christie Mystery Games to Play on your Computer

A roundup of the Poirot and Marple PC/Mac games available online

This post is just a quick list of all the Agatha Christie games for PC and Mac available to buy online. I hope to write full reviews for each game in due course. But for now I’ve just listed them in order of my preference with the ones I liked best first. However all of these games have been great fun to play – especially as fan of Agatha Christie ‘s novels and of mystery detective games!

The list includes mainly Hercule Poirot games, with one Miss Marple game. They are either hidden object games or point-and-click adventure mystery games. All of them are available for PC, but there are a couple for Mac too. For mobile games, check out the previous post where I write about current and future Agatha Christie game apps for iOS, Kindle and Android tablets.

For me, Agatha Christie books work so well as computer game adaptations because of a couple of particular devices that she used to great effect in her brilliant stories.

Firstly, the ‘locked room’ set-up – whether it’s a steamer boat like in Death on the Nile, a train like in Murder on the Orient Express or on an island as in And There Were None. This ‘enclosed’ location is an excellent set-up for a murder mystery game. This means that in the game you have a specific area within which to search for evidence, collect clues and find people to interview either as witnesses or suspects. And because the location of the crime is limited it means that there will be a number of people who will have had some sort of relationship or interaction with the victim prior to the crime. This gives you plenty of possible suspects that you’ll need to interview to eliminate from your inquiries.

Secondly, her use

of red herrings keeps you on your toes – there are plenty of plot twists and turns, that are designed to trip you up and send you off on tangents and so you’re never quite able to just guess whodunit!

These games use these devices and so they keep you engaged and challenged in both the story and the game play. You’ll need to get sleuthing and collect all the evidence before you can make a proper deduction. In addition to this some of these games don’t strictly adhere to the original story, partly to make it easier to adapt to a game version but it also means that even if you have read the story you’re still able to play it without knowing the murderer.

Agatha Christie Computer Games List

In descending order of my favourites and which ones I liked best! I’ve also included links to the best places to find these games online, either as a convenient instant full version download or if not, at least a CD/DVD. And I’ve also noted where there is a free trial available online.

Genre: Point-and-click adventure game

Format: PC CD

OS: Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP

Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Available online from BigFishGames for PC download .

7. Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington

Genre: Hidden object puzzle game

Format: Full version download and free demo

Windows OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Available online from BigFishGames for PC download .

Agatha Christie Video Games on Other Devices

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