VIDEO: Calif. war game gets out of hand at Airsoft range

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. - A game of Airsoft, which is typically played with plastic pellets, turned violent in California and it was all caught on video, according to CBS Los Angeles .

The video shows a massive brawl at a Southern California game range on Feb. 7, and the people who posted the footage say a 14-year-old player started it. According to the station, the melee began when a group dressed in military gear was playing Airsoft.

People who posted the online video reportedly said the 14-year-old boy attacked a man, who is seen

fighting back before a dozen more men join in the scuffle. They also say a firefighter and his brother were among the group, but that has not been confirmed, according to CBS Los Angeles.

In the footage, someone can be heard yelling "That's my nephew," while others try to calm that person down. Others apparently egged on the exchange with "You want to fight?"

Now, workers at Jericho Airsoft in Elsinore Park say everyone involved in the fight is banned from returning.

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