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The People Involved

Davy Crockett is a well-known American icon, but not everyone knows he was at the Alamo throughout the Mexican siege. James Bowie and William Travis are additional men who fought to protect the Alamo from invasion. Spanish and Mexican people, including soldiers, actually used the Alamo as a fort long before the Americans ever did, and it was the migration of American families to the area around the Alamo that contributed to war conflicts in later years. Between 1,800 and 6,000 people were involved in the invasion of the fort. Once they breached the entrance, almost all of the Texans inside were killed.

What Happened After

the Battle

After the battle at the Alamo, Mexican forces took over the fort and kept control until May 1836. Upon orders, the Mexican forces demolished some of the fort's walls as they withdrew. The U.S. Army later took possession of the fort and used it as a storage warehouse during the 1870s. The state of Texas bought the Alamo in 1883 and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas maintain and manage the sight, which remains a tourist destination near present day San Antonio, Texas.


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