Alice In Wonderland Cake

Alice In Wonderland Coloring

Alice In Wonderland Cake

Alice In Wonderland is known as one of the most popular story for children. In this draw, Alice is in a beautiful decor with big magic mushrooms and a nice castle. You need to pick the right colors to get the best possible result. Enjoy coloring Alice In Wonderland.

Alice in Dreamland

Alice returns to wonderland but is this wonderland real? It seems more like a dreamland than a wonderland, before exploring this new land Alice needs a new outfit before embarking on a new adventure. Can you give Alice this dreamland outfit?

Alice Wonderland Rabbit Hole

Alice in the wonderland never gets old, and here it is once again your turn to pick out your favorite outfits and accessories to fit in the world of Alice! She looks adorable in her clothes, but she needs your help to look even cuter. Beware of the rabbit!

Checkers of Alice in Wonderland

How about a game of checkers with Alice in Wonderland? What makes it hard is if a jump is lined up, it makes you take it.

Mommy And Me Making Pie

Today Alice and her mom are going to prepare a delicious banana pie in the kitchen. She and her mom are getting ready to go to the supermarket to get the ingredients. Join Alice at the supermarket and help her pick the right ingredients required to make the pie. After that dress Alice and her mom in perfect kitchen outfits and get into the kitchen. Alice mom has handful of experience in making pie so you have a great time in the kitchen.

Ice Cream Cake Mania 2

If an ice cream cake can make our friends happy it can definitely make your family members happy. Would you like to make an ice cream cake right now? We have created a kitchen where a famous chef would join you to teach you how to make ice cream cake. The kitchen is completely empty at the moment so we need to get to the supermarket to buy the required ingredients. The ingredients we need are cake flour, cocoa powder, almond powder, eggs, and baking soda and we also need an oven and some kitchen tools. By the time you reach the kitchen, you will have all the ingredients and tools ready on the cooking table and even the chef will be ready to get the baking session started.

Apple And Walnut Cake

Apple and walnut cake is the favorite of this chef. She loves to prepare this cake often. Her kids are a great fan of Apple and Walnut Cake. If you want to prepare a tea time treat for your family and friends, then Apple and Walnut Cake is the best choice. The friends of this chef's kids have to come to their home to play in the front yard garden. The chef's kids requested her to prepare Apple and Walnut Cake for them and their friend. Now the chef is in her kitchen getting ready to prepare the cake. She wants to make the cake as quickly as possible, so let's go and help the chef prepare the cake.

Barbie's Jelly Swirl Cheesecake Slice

Lots of friends have come from different cities to meet Barbie. All of them are in the backyard garden talking to each other in the garden. Barbie is very happy to see all her friends after a long time. Whenever her friends come to her home, she would serve them some delicious cakes and fruit juices. This time she is going to prepare Jelly Swirl Cheesecake to them. She has learnt this recipe from her chef recently. The cake has to come out really well if she wants to impress her friends. Since this is the first time she is preparing this cake, she would like you to help her. Join Barbie in her kitchen and help her make a delicious Jelly Swirl Cheesecake.

Pizza Party

Everyone who takes the part in the pizza party regularly will have a great time like our chef who takes part in the pizza party every weekend. All her friends are chefs working in big restaurants. Each one of them throws the pizza party at their home every weekend. Today our chef has plenty of free time to spend, so she has thrown a pizza party for her friends. All of them are playing games in her house at the moment. Our chef is in her kitchen preparing snacks for her friends. She is going to prepare a delicious pizza in a while. Get to her kitchen as quickly as possible and learn how to prepare mouth-watering pizza.

Ham And Cheese Calzones

Few days ago, some of our friends came to our restaurant to enjoy some delicious lunch. We served Ham and Cheese Calzones to them. One of the friends liked it so much that yesterday he came to our home and requested us to show her how to make it. If you want to prepare a quick lunch for your guest or friends Ham and Cheese Calzones, is the best choice. If you want to prepare this delicious meal right away, get in our virtual kitchen and follow the instructions of our chef.

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

All of our best friends are coming to our home to learn how to make Grilled Bruschetta Chicken. All of our friends are chefs who work in popular restaurants. Their only aim in life is to serve their customers with delicious meals. Recently few of our friends' customers met them and requested them to serve them Grilled Bruschetta Chicken next time when they visit the restaurants. It seems like our assistant who went to meet his friends, will be late. He is the one who agreed to help us in our kitchen to prepare Grilled Bruschetta Chicken. In few minutes our friends will be here, so we request you to get into our kitchen as quickly as possible and help us prepare Grilled Bruschetta Chicken.

Famous Carrot Cake

A bunny living near our home requested our chef to serve a delicious carrot cake to it. The chef accepted the request and entered his kitchen in order to make the carrot cake. Just as he was about to prepare the cake, he received an order from a client to make hundred cupcakes for a party. Right now he is making cupcakes for his client. All the ingredients that he has placed on the table in order to make the carrot cake for the bunny are lying as it is. Now we have to finish the task that our chef was unable to complete, which is to make delicious carrot cake.

Three Delicious Fruit Pies

Today this girl has invited her three best friends and they are on their way to her cozy home. It looks like, it is extremely hot outside so she came up with a plan to make some delicious pies for her friends. The problem is she has to prepare three different flavored pies, a strawberry pie, an apple pie and a cranberry streusel pie, because each of her friend loves to eat their favorite flavored pie only! In order to prepare three different types of fruit pies as soon as possible, she needs the perfect chef like you who would pick the ingredients quickly and combine them together to complete the recipe on time. Help her make these delicious pies

as fast as she can before her friends arrive.

Lemon Sponge Cake

Few little kids collected lemons from the garden and after returning home they picked few lemons and extracted lemon juice from them. Then they carried the lemon juice and left over lemons to their chef's house and handed over to her and requested the her to make Lemon Sponge Cake. The chef agreed to the kids' request and went in to her kitchen right away to prepare the cake. The chef has invited you to work with her in her kitchen. This is a great chance for you to learn how to make Lemon Sponge Cake. Join her in her kitchen and have fun!

Tasty Breakfast For Mina's Friends

Mina is a friendly girl and has three best friends Lisa, Sisi and Toto. Mina is a talented chef who knows to prepare many delicious food items and fruit drinks. Whenever she prepares a new recipe, she invites all the three friends to her home and ask them to taste her recipe. The best thing is she always gets great appreciation and superb feedback from them and that makes her feel proud to be a chef. Today she has prepared some of the most delicious meals and drinks for breakfast and invited her friends to enjoy the treat with her. However, there is a problem, while preparing the breakfast, she forgot to organize all the food items in order and now it has been shuffled here and there. She has no time to rearrange as her friends has already arrived and waiting to enjoy the breakfast. Your job is to help her spot four of each meal so they can eat and have fun together.

Coconut CakeCooking Tiramisu

It has been a constant request from friends to the chef to prepare some delicious Tiramisu Cakes and serve them as dessert when they give a visit to their restaurant. Today there is no one in the restaurant and all chairs of the restaurant are empty. Do you know why? It is because today only her friends would visit the restaurant and enjoy their favorite dessert along with the chef. As usual this chef wants to have you as his assistant chef to make and decorate yummy Tiramisu Cakes.

If your family and friends desire some delicious dessert, then you can try preparing coconut cake for them which is remarkably easy to make. One of our chefs also loves coconut cakes a lot, and in today's cooking class, she will be teaching you how to make her all-time favorite recipe. In order to make your cooking session more pleasant and enjoyable, our chef decided to teach the recipe at a beautiful garden. She has organized all the required items and is waiting for you. Meet her at the garden and follow her instructions to prepare this yummy cake. All you would need to do is, combine all the ingredients according to her instructions and mix it well to form the batter. And then you have to transfer the batter into a cake baking pan and bake it in the oven. After you are done, you and the chef can enjoy it together.

Very Special Chocolate Cupcakes Decoration

On your request, your friendly chef prepared some chocolate cupcakes for your friends, who would be coming over to your place to discuss about the homework assigned by your teacher. Your chef has already prepared the cupcakes and they only need to be decorated with some delicious ingredients but she has no time for decoration as she has to attend an important and prestigious event which she can't afford to miss. This time your chef wants you to decorate the cupcakes with all those tasty ingredients she has prepared. Now get into the kitchen and decorate the chocolate cupcakes and make them look yummy. After eating these delicious cakes your friends are definitely going to thank you for preparing such a delightful treat for them.

Cooking A Cake

This cute fox is from a forest where lots of monkeys and deer live. This fox has good baking and pastry skills. He learnt these skills from a pastry chef while he was working in a restaurant as a junior pastry chef. He knows to prepare varieties of cakes, pies and lots of desserts. He is also a very good cake decorator. All animals in this forest had become his fan from the moment he served some delicious cakes to all of them. Today few monkeys and deer have come from neighboring forest, so this fox is preparing a delicious cake in his kitchen. Let's help him out to prepare the cake for his friends.

Cheesecake With StrawberriesMemorable Birthday Cake Decoration

This sweet girl knows a chef who prepares different kinds of delicious cakes. Daily, she goes to the chef's bakery to learn how to prepare different varieties of cakes for different occasions. Whenever any of her friend's celebrates birthday she prepare a yummy cake with the help of this chef and present it as a birthday gift to her friend. The great thing is, at one particular day of the year, six of her friends celebrate their birthdays, so she prepares six birthday cakes for them on that day; and today is exactly that memorable day so she has baked the cakes and prepared all the tasty ingredients for decorations under the chef's assistance. Now she wants you to help her decorate the birthday cakes. Enjoy decorating the cakes and have fun!

Chocolate Castle Cake

A princess living in a wonderland is celebrating her birthday today, so we have come up with an idea of making a chocolate cake that looks like her beautiful castle. We have baked the cakes and prepared different kinds of yummy ingredients for the cake decoration. Now, we are looking for a brilliant cake decorator who can create a beautiful chocolate castle cake using the cakes and cake decoration ingredients that we have prepared. Are you ready for the cake decoration?

Sloppy Joe With Ground Turkey

A chef has just entered the kitchen to prepare Turkey Sloppy Joes for her friends. All her friends are visiting her house after a long time. The chef is gathering all the ingredients required to prepare Turkey Sloppy Joes. Cooking alone in the kitchen is really a boring job. This is why she always have someone in the kitchen while cooking the dishes. Her assistant is the one who takes part in the cooking session most of the time but this time you are going to work as the chef in the kitchen.

Creepy Halloween Cake

Halloween cake is a very important treat that we can give to the ones who visit our house at Halloween. A chef is getting ready to prepare a delicious Halloween cake for her friends. The chef has thrown a Halloween party. All her friends are going to get to her house wearing Halloween costumes. The cake is very easy to prepare but still the chef needs your help. She has been decorating the house throughout the day so she is very tired, and this is why she is looking for your help. We hope you will help the chef prepare a delicious Halloween cake.

Today you are going to host a party for your friends and you have decided to prepare brownie cakes for everybody. Use your chef skills to make hot delicious brownie cakes and surprise your friends. Have fun!


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