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BenQ XL2430T Monitor

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By alex-r89 on 13 Feb. 2015

Style Name: HDMI, no speakers Size Name: 24" Verified Purchase

Buying a high end monitor is one of those things that, once bought, you don't know how you managed without.

This this is awesome, in all aspects: packaging, build quality, viewing experience, design.

I didn't realise how useful it was to have an adjustable high until this monitor.

The only downside is that I prefer thing bezels and this one isn't that thin, and also the on screen controls arnt brilliant. I personally havnt changed anything since I turned it on. but I had a look at the options and, although there are loads, it just seemed too laborious to navigate. I just set it to "FPS" mode and left it.

This monitor is quite expensive in terms of monitors as a whole but I think it justifies the price. Prior to this I had a

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