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By Justas on 8 Oct. 2013

Size Name: 24 Inch Verified Purchase

I've been using the monitor for more than 1 month, and I would like to share with you my short review. I don't usually do that kind of stuff, but this time, I'll write as I am completely satisfied with the product. When I was buying it did not have many reviews, so I was buying something that was not reviewed properly yet. And of course, I should mention that I was kind of biased by the fact that I owned 2 previous LG monitors (CRT and simple LCD 19 inch) and I was totally satisfied with them as well.

Firstly, I was looking for a monitor that would suit my quite low budget as I am a student. I was looking for monitors quite a long time, like 2 weeks and finally came down to this one. It has everything I need, HDMI, DVI, D-Sub, audio OUT (not speakers, which would have been crappy anyways. If you want to buy a

monitor that has speakers, my advice - don't even look at those, just buy them separately, it might be even cheaper.) and of course AC.

You should consider a few facts about the product:

1) It is actually 23.8 inch, not 24. But for me it is more than enough as I used my laptop's 15.6 inch display, which was quite horrible (compared to this one).

2) As mentioned in previous reviews, yes, it has a wobbly stand, but then I thought, do I really care about that as I don't have any earthquakes or something. And I have good conditions to place my monitor on my table which does not move at all. So you shouldn't buy this monitor if u have a wobbly table, which could lead to. you know what I mean.

3) Also, I was also aware of the fact that it has a back-light bleeding (if you are new to this term, google that, you will get loads of images to see what it means). Read more ›

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