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By TheDayday on July 19, 2014

Last year, 4K monitors were going for $3000+. There were only really three in the market: Dell, Sharp, and Asus (unless you count the Seiki 4K TV as a monitor). After CES, there has been a flood of sub-$1000 4K monitors from Dell, AOC, Phillips, Samsung, Asus, and Lenovo. I would avoid the Dell monitor like the plague as it maxes out at 30Hz. The Lenovo, like most Lenovo products, has been delayed to foreverdom. That leaves us with AOC, Samsung, Phillips, and Asus. From what I understand, all four are using the same TN panel so it all really depends on which manufacturer you're loyal to and what you think will look the best on your desk.

Putting it together is a breeze. The mount is already on so all you need to do is use the turn screw for the base and you're done. A 3 minute job if you know what you're doing. The stand is well built and can be adjusted in all sorts of angles, all the way to portrait. It has the best stand out of all the 4K monitors.

Your connections are limited to DisplayPort, HDMI x2, and MHL. Some might consider this a con, but really if you're purchasing this monitor it's assumed that you have a rig with DisplayPort 1.2 that's capable of 4K 60Hz. 30Hz is unusable for a majority of people out there (which is why I recommend to stay the hell away from the Dell). However, trying to get 60Hz is where the fun begins. Read more ›

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