3d computer graphics

3D Computer Graphics

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It’s really hard to find even a baby who does not have a common idea about what computer graphics is. There are more than forty or fifty movies, getting released every year from Hollywood film industry, where only computer graphical characters are giving people a lot of recreations. It’s now very common to find animation Movie Theater where people are enjoying 3 dimensional movies using a special glasses. All these are happening as a blessing of computer graphics.

The first display of computer Animation was Futureworld (1976). In this Ed Catmull showed a mix of human face with a robotic one.

A 3D graphical representation is introduced using very high quality and powerful 3D graphic design software. There are several steps to construct them which include 3D modeling, Lay out and Animation setting and 3D rendering. Here, the first one is like a planning or giving a shape of the idea. Second one denotes placements of individual objects or points in a desired position with one another. 3D rendering is the final step to animate the objects and presenting the points like a moving body. In fact a 2D image turns into a moving lively existence with the rendering process.

In a very real sense, a 3D graphical scene consists of several polygons. The density of polygons is the key to develop the strength that means the realistic view for an artistic purpose. That’s why you will find very high amount of polygons for a very single unit area in animation movies. But the other area of animations, such as engineering drawings and even educational Graphics have less use of polygons for a unit area compared to movies as the sole

purpose there is to express the real event to the customers and the students, rather than making a high resolution video.

The numbers of Polygons for each unit area is responsible to make the manufacturing time longer or shorter. The more Polygons the units have, the more time they take to be rendered.

There are millions of people using 3D graphic design software now. This includes teachers, video games manufacturers, engineers medical populations, chemists and even the astrologist to make their jobs feasible using this modern technique.

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Now let’s talk about some software, used to animate a 3D picture. In fact there are hundreds of professional programs online which will give perfect taste of making your own images. If you are going to choose among them, first you need to think that why you like it and what type of project you are going to make.

ACD3, Alibre Design, 3dd Max, Carrara, Cinema4D, Cobalt, Massive, Maya, Modo, NX, Realsoft 3D, Real Flow, Rhinoceros 3D, Sketch Up, Silo etc. are popular programs for 3D graphics. They have been introduced by well known companies like Alibre Inc. DAZ Productions, Maxon, Auto Desk, Siemens PLM etc. Some of them are free and some you need to buy. Some other very popular but free of cost 3D graphics software are Evolver, Geist3D, GPure, MakeHuman, 3D Canvas, Cheetah3D etc.

Brazil, LuxRender, Sunflow, YafaRay, Mental Ray etc. are only some of the popular rendering software to make your cartoon or human shaped existence to just like a real person. I hope you are going to animate your objects into a 3D computer graphics very soon.

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