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We are looking at using the departmentNumber attribute for our users in Active Directory. Easy enough for admins to edit this attribute using the Attribute Editor tab with AD Users and Computers snap-in. However, is it possible to put this attribute (or some other attribute) on the General or Organization tab? This makes it challenging to create custom MMC's for other support teams.

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Having looked into this before, no it is not possible to easily do what you are asking. The easiest solution I came up with is adding a custom command to the right-click context menu, and using it to launch a custom form that contains the fields you want. However, this still isn't the easy and it requires all domain controllers to have the custom code in order for it to work.

If your interested, here's a link that outlines how to create a context menu, as well as a custom form:

In my case, I chose to use a HTA file for my custom form rather than VBA since the layout is much more flexible. The other upside to this is it allows users to easily access any custom AD attributes you may be using.

This what the form I created looks like. We use it to capture 3 pieces of data that AD does not contain fields for. We save these values in custom attributes.

Here's the code I used for the above window. Of course you'll need to tweak it to your needs. The existing values are passed through the command line args, which the context menu provides.


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