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City of London Police crack counterfeit Cisco ring

Detectives dismantle a criminal operation suspected of importing, exporting and selling fake Cisco hardware Networking hardware | 07 May 2015

Airbus Defence and Space embarks on networking R&D venture with Cisco

Airbus Defence and Space partners with Cisco to develop networking systems around SDN, security, mobile, cloud and the internet of things Networking R&D | 06 May 2015

EMC uses big data to drive motorcycle racing safety improvements

Storage giant has embarked on a big data project with Isle of Man TT race winner John McGuinness to improve track safety levels Big data | 06 May 2015

VCE takes wraps off "hyper-converged" VxRacks to fast-track users to the cloud

EMC-owned converged infrastructure specialist expands portfolio of cloud-enabling platforms Converged infrastructure | 05 May 2015

Cisco CEO John Chambers to step down in July

Cisco CEO John Chambers announces plans to step down from the post after 20 years News | 05 May 2015

Memset blasts BT over PSN Protected deployment delays at Surrey datacentre

IaaS provider turns attention to closing down more public sector deals now PSN Protected network is finally in place Cloud services | 01 May 2015

Vodafone sends network in a backpack to Nepal earthquake zone

Vodafone’s charitable arm, the Vodafone Foundation, deploys instant mini networks to help restore communications in quake-hit Nepal Emergency networks | 29 Apr 2015

Cloud infrastructure spend set to hit $52bn in 2019

IDC shares five-year view of how it expects worldwide spending on both private and public cloud infrastructure to grow Cloud computing | 22 Apr 2015

Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent: a grand European networking alliance

Nokia's €16bn acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent will bring big changes to the European networking landscape Analysis | 17 Apr 2015

SSE hooks up Manchester datacentres with 10Gbps connectivity

SSE Enterprise Telecoms launches Manchester Lightnow, a high-capacity optical network service connecting a number of datacentre facilities Optical networks | 14 Apr 2015

What’s slowing down your network and how to fix it

When using the network feels like wading through molasses, finding the cause can be a difficult process Feature

Wi-Fi in the sky: The good, the bad and the ugly

With in-flight internet options spreading around the world, which services should discerning business travellers try, and which should they avoid? Feature

Five tech trends that will change the mobile world in the next 10 years

Computer scientist Kevin Curran discusses some of the trends that will shape the future of mobile at Mobile World Congress 2015 Interview

Why 2015 won’t be the year of software-defined everything

With the technical and market parameters of SDE still taking shape, CIOs are in

no rush to adopt, despite the hype going into overdrive Feature

Cisco is missing the transition to software-defined networks

Little doubt remains that the future of networking will be defined by software, but market-watchers warn Cisco is missing this move Feature

CIO Interview: Gary Steen, CTO, TalkTalk

Gary Steen, CTO at ISP TalkTalk, says transforming internal IT will help him meet growing demands for superfast data connectivity Interview

The internet of things is coming: Is your datacentre ready?

Gartner estimates the IoT will see 26 billion units installed by 2020 – channelling huge volumes of data traffic into datacentres Feature

Rural communities take the initiative on superfast broadband

Amidst the furore over the deployment of superfast broadband in remote rural areas, communities and businesses in Oxfordshire took action Feature

Will silicon photonics replace copper cabling in mainstream datacentres?

Silicon photonics can increase bandwidth in servers, improve data transfer speeds and reduce complexity. But are datacentres ready for it? Feature

After VLANs: managing the new virtualised networks

Managing an ever-changing network landscape calls for as much automation as possible. Can Juniper, HP and Cisco help? Feature

HP: Where next for the troubled Silicon Valley giant?

Numerous management changes and acquisitions have created confusion about HP's strategy, but is it too late to bounce back? Opinion

IT availability: the whole truth

Some of the figures people quote for the reliability of their IT systems look ludicrously minimal Opinion

Why the internet is forcing retailers to rethink their supply chains

The growth of internet shopping is causing retailers to radically rethink the way they manage their supply chains Opinion

IT needs soldiers

The government has recognised that its returning troops can bring value to Britain. Unfortunately it has backed the wrong profession. Opinion

Forrester: Networking predictions for 2013

Senior Forrester analyst Andre Kindness reveals his predictions for the networking industry in 2013 Opinion

The history of the next-generation firewall

Security expert Rik Ferguson explains how next-generation firewalls were developed and what protection they provide businesses. Opinion

Tackling the challenges of the next-generation firewall

Security expert Brian Honan shares top tips on installing and maintaining a next-generation firewall Opinion

Seven enablers of effective disaster recovery for SMEs

This article considers the current status of disaster recover (DR) in small and mid-size businesses (SMEs) and highlights a few simple steps every organisation can take to ensure it is better able to address such challenges. Opinion

What is the point of BDUK?

Guy Jarvis, director at NextGenUs UK, on Broadband Delivery UK's bidding guide for local authorities and others interested in taking part in the government's


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