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See great offers on the 2015 GMC Acadia

Our Professional Grade engineering has helped produce these benefits:


Upgrading to a more fuel-efficient vehicle is a worthwhile investment. Better fuel efficiency optimizes fuel range and reduces stops at the pump.

  • If you drive 15,000 miles per year, you could save up to $990 in fuel costs in one year simply by trading in your 20 MPG hwy car for a 32 MPG hwy GMC Terrain. Save $4,950 after five years. (Gas prices based on $3.52/gal for 2/13/12 ; annual 15,000 miles )(15,000/20 x 3.52) – (15,000/32 x 3.52) x 5= 4,950)
  • Terrain offers a 600 mile highway driving range. That’s 300 miles more a fill up!
  • You would make 25 fewer stops at the gas station.
  • E85 fuel and two-mode hybrid capabilities and other GMC fuel-efficient technologies, which are constantly improving.
  • Fuel technologies, which optimize automotive energy efficiency and include both engine and vehicle applications.
  • Innovative technologies that allow newer engines to achieve more power as well as better fuel efficiency.
  • Engine innovations, including cylinder deactivation and turbochargers that increase power by compressing and decompressing gases within the engine.
  • Direct fuel injection, which is a process that requires the injection of highly pressurized gasoline directly into the combustion chamber and also improves engine efficiency. GMC Terrain and Acadia both utilize Direct Injection technology. GMC Sierra HD uses the available Duramax Diesel that uses both Direct Injection and a turbocharger.


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