McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

Creating Environments for Healing, Rehabilitation and Wellness

Our use of Evidence-Based Design principals illustrates specialized knowledge to bring the users into the design process and provide value-oriented facilities that cost less to staff, service and maintain.

Passion for Community Centered Projects

Our approach to civic and cultural design begins with efforts to understand the immediate and larger contextual landscape. Seeking insight into each clients goals and aspirations for the project is necessary to capture its essence.

Developing Spaces for the 21st Century Student

McMillan Pazdan Smith has emerged as a regional leader in planning, architectural programming and design of educational environments for students of all ages. Numerous projects for public and private clients represent a thorough understanding of issues facing k-12 facilities, including technology integration, student safety, sustainability and building versatility.

Creating a Welcoming & Inviting Atmosphere for

Aiken's Animals

The overarching goal of the design of Aiken County's Animal Shelter was to encourage adoption and public interest in animal welfare by creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Crafting Flexible and Functional Spaces

Reflecting the culture and identity of each community served, the firm seeks to create a sense-of-place for both neighborhood centers and stand-alone buildings while balancing developers’ requirements with the adaptability required in a tenant-criteria driven market.

The Sports Architecture Studio at McMillan Pazdan Smith is a team that inspires success for the student, athletic program and supporting community through strategic planning and architectural design services. We have a passion for designing sports venues and public assembly spaces that are as individual as the institution itself.

For over twenty years, McMillan Pazdan Smith has provided comprehensive design and project management experience to numerous international and domestic manufacturing and distribution clients across the Southeast.


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