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While most of the buyers of the Mac Pro line will be looking for a custom configuration, the 6 Core model with dual D500 GPUs will likely be the one that has the best mix of price and performance.

If you are unfamiliar with the new Mac Pro line, there are quite a few combinations of options that can produce a range of prices from $2999 to nearly $10,000.

Currently there are only TWO "Stock" configurations:

$2999 gets you a Quad Core Xeon with dual D300 GPUs, 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of Solid State Storage

$3999 gets you a Six Core Xeon with dual D500 GPUs. 16 GB of RAM and the same 256 GB of Solid State Storage. This is truly the "Goldilocks" configuration. the middle of the road.

In a custom configuration, which you can only get directly from Apple (which takes time), each of those components can be upgraded, however only some can be "User Upgraded", so you must be aware

of that when you buy, because you will not likely change them later.

Here are the things you CAN upgrade AFTER you purchase:

1. RAM - You can upgrade the RAM on all models, from 12 GB all the way to 64. There are 4 card slots, however you can't mix chip sizes. So, if you buy the 12 GB model, it uses 3 cards of 4 GB each leaving 1 slot open, so you can upgrade it to 16 by adding one more card. If you want to increase it beyond that, you will be removing all of the 4GB cards, and replacing them with 8's or 16's.

This means that the 16 GB model comes with 4 x 4 GB cards, so any increase in that configuration will involve getting rid of all 4 of the 4 GB cards and starting with 8's or 16s. I think it's a shame Apple doesn't start with 2 x 8GB cards, so you could keep your existing memory and add two more. Read more ›

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