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HP - Pavilion Desktop Computer

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Comments about HP Pavilion Desktop Computer :

Great price and the youngan that helped me even with all the Black Friday craziness was very helpful and polite and not at all pushy. I only wish I could remember his name.

Comments about HP Pavilion Desktop Computer :

I wasn't sure if this computer would satisfy my desires in what I was looking for in a desktop computer and I

have been sweetly surprised! It has met all my expectations and then some. I have to look down to see if the light is still on to know if it's still running. This is the most quiet, efficient, fast functioning pc I have purchased yet for home usage. I am so glad I made this choice. It took me 7 years from the last one to find one that I could fall in love with again! HP, you've done it this time, you've finally captured my heart!

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