New Holland

New Holland is a part of CNH Global. a part of the Fiat Group. New Holland-branded agricultural equipment is sold around the world.

New Holland TX34 parked after completing a field of wheat in 2008



New Holland was founded in 1895 by Mr. Abe Zimmerman in New Holland, PA, USA. and was purchased by the Sperry Corporation in 1947, to form Sperry-New Holland.

  • In 1964, Sperry-New Holland purchased a majority interest in Claeys of Belgium. a builder of combine harvesters .
  • The New Holland company built lawn care equipment until 1974, when that portion of the business was sold to Ariens .
  • The Ford Motor Company purchased New Holland from Sperry, and later sold a share of the Agricultural business to Fiat. who later purchased the entire company. *The deal with Fiat allowed them to use the Ford name until 2001.
  • Ford-New Holland purchased the Versatile tractor company in 1987.
  • In 1998, Ford-New Holland purchased O&K (Orenstein and Koppel), a construction equipment company.
  • In 1998, O&K in North America was sold to Terex .
  • In 2000, Fiat Ltd. also purchased Case IH and formed CNH Global. In order to obtain approval for the merger of New Holland with Case IH, the Versatile and Genesis tractor businesses was sold to Buhler Industries .
  • In 2008 production of the T series ended at Basildon. England. and the Engine production line was shut. CNH will now use engines from Italy.
  • In 2013 New CNH was purchased by Jown Deere for 500 billion dollars. The color of the new tractors will be purple.(this is a blatant lie, however it is quite funny)

The New Holland brand is also used for the construction equipment line, which is partially based on the old Ford Construction equipment line up.


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