Baby Shower Games!

Baby Shower Games

Baby is on it's way and you need fun Baby Shower games for the special event. Well whether you are looking for diaper baby shower games, simple scratch off shower games, couples baby shower games or classic baby shower games that you can print from your computer, we have go tyou covered with over 60 shower games that are Mom and Baby approved!

Baby Shower Games & Links

Baby Shower Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail or offer variations just click on the link.

Don't Say Baby

Supplies: Clothes pins, necklace or bracket and listening skills

Give each guest item to hold on to during the shower. If someone uses the word “Baby” other guests have the opportunity if they hear the word to steal that item. Variation “Don’t Cross Your Legs”

Baby Photo Game

Supplies: Baby photos, board, pen and paper

Collect a baby photo from each guest and one of the mother, display them and have the guests try and pick which photo is the mother when she was a baby.

Baby Shower Bingo

Thank You Card


When your guests arrive give them the thank you card envelope and have them put there name and address on it. Then during the shower randomly have two or three drawing from the pile to give away a prize.

The Tray Game

Place lots of baby / mommy items on a tray and walk around the room with it. Then leave the room and ask guests to write down what was on the try or what the person who carried was wearing. A classic game with several variations.

M&M's Baby Bottle Guess

Supplies: M&M’s & Time to count them, baby bottle, pen and paper

First empty bag of M&Ms and count them, then record the number of M&Ms and place them in a baby bottle. Have everyone write down their guess of how many M&M's are in the bottle. The closest one to the actual number wins a prize.

Guess Baby's Birthday - A Contest / Raffle Game

Supplies: Pen and paper

There is a new baby on the way but who can correctly guess the Baby's Birthday, sex, weight and length find out with this traditional baby guess game.


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