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Differences Between Samsung BX & PX Monitors

Samsung's BX series monitors are designed to be high-quality general purpose monitors for home use. Complementing the BX series is the PX series, a range of monitors based on the… Read More

What Does It Mean When You Have a Large Round Black Spot on the Screen of a Flat Screen?

Flat screen computer monitors or televisions use a liquid crystal display, or LCD, to display images. These images are comprised of thousands of pixels, which rotate through three subpixel colors;… Read More

How Does Dual Screening Work?

Computer monitor dual screening works by connecting two monitors to a single computer that has the capability to display on more than one screen at the same time. In order… Read More

How to Remove Vertical Lines From the Right Side of a Computer Display

Those pesky colored vertical lines that show up on either side of a computer display are usually caused by a bad connection. The connection often can be fixed with moderate… Read More

Does Screen Resolution Affect Video Quality?

Getting a higher resolution screen can, but might not, improve a video's image quality. Screen resolution is one factor that affects how the viewer perceives video quality. The screen resolution… Read More

What Is an Inverter Card?

Unlike their large CRT ancestors of yesteryear, LCD monitors don't use what is essentially a big light bulb to illuminate the screen. Instead, they use a thin backlight bulb, powered… Read More

What Are the Reasons for the Dropping Cost of LCD Computer Monitors?

LCD monitors have evolved significantly in the years since they began replacing tube monitors. In addition to faster refresh rates, the flat screens have become flatter while offering a greater… Read More

Monitors That Can Flip on Their Side

Most modern computer monitors have landscape-oriented displays. This is useful for tasks that require a large amount of horizontal display, such as watching films. On the other hand, vertical, or… Read More

How to Recognize a Bad LCD Backlight

LCD displays in laptops and monitors are illuminated by a fluorescent backlight. If the backlight fails it can exhibit some odd symptoms along the way. Pink displays, fading or dimming,… Read More

How to Connect HDMI From GPU to a Monitor

Connecting an HDMI-compatible GPU to an HDMI-compatible monitor just involves connecting two ends of the same cable to the same port type on both devices. Both sides of the cable… Read More

How to Use the NEC MultiSync EA221WM in Portrait Mode

The NEC MultiSync EA221WM desktop monitor's swivel stand allows you to easily rotate the monitor so you can use it in portrait mode instead of the standard landscape mode. By… Read More

How to Install a Second Monitor With a Split VGA

Installing a second monitor on your computer with a split VGA signal allows you to view the same picture simultaneously on two different displays. You can split the VGA signal… Read More

What Is the ASUS LCD Game Mode?

Some ASUS monitors include what ASUS calls "Splendid Video Enhancement Technology." This technology contains pre-configured settings to change the monitor's performance to better display specific types of content. The five… Read More

How to Add a Monitor to an E-Machine

EMachines computers are typically inexpensive notebooks and desktops. While they may represent the lower end of the home computer market, they still have industry-standard ports and connections. With an eMachines… Read More

How to Use an External Monitor As a Primary

External monitors can offer a whole new scope for your display, including a larger screen, better colors, better sound and possibly more features than your internal monitor. There are several… Read More

How to Send to Two SVGA Monitors

If you need to use two monitors showing different images, you'll probably need to add a video card to your computer. However, sending the same video output to two monitors… Read More

A Comparison of VGA, CRT and DVI

Video Graphics Array and Digital Visual Interface are two comparable display connection standards. However, a cathode-ray tube is not connection standard, it is a type of screen that has been… Read More

How to Calibrate a Professional Video Monitor

To get an accurate color calibration on a professional video monitor -- or any monitor, for that matter -- you need to run an SMPTE test pattern. SMPTE stands for… Read More

How to Connect a PC to an Apple LED Cinema Display

Apple’s HD LED Cinema Displays use a proprietary port known as the Mini DisplayPort. While most new Apple computers are equipped with the parts necessary for connecting to one of… Read More

Comparison of Samsung Monitors

As of March 2013, Samsung sells roughly 30 monitors -- ranging from 19 to 27 inches in size -- for computer and television applications. The 27-inch S27B970D represents the high… Read More

How to Get a Full Screen Display While Connecting a Laptop to HDTV

Getting a full screen display while connecting a laptop to an HDTV requires the careful use of the right video cable. Get a full screen display while connecting a laptop… Read More

Stuck Pins in a Computer Monitor Cable

Stuck pins sometimes cause of computer monitor and cable problems. They can make a computer monitor cable no longer work, resulting in a blank or distorted monitor image. They can… Read More

Why Does the Contrast on My Monitor Keep Popping Up?

When the contrast settings box pops up on your monitor, it can indicate a problem with the computer settings or the monitor itself. In many cases, the issue isn't related… Read More

Monitors: Standard or Wide Screen?

Choosing between a standard-sized computer monitor or a widescreen can be a dilemma. Many people enjoy the extra horizontal space for watching wide-aspect movies, playing games or arranging multiple windows… Read More

5ms Vs. 2ms on a Monitor

When buying a new hardware component for your computer, such as a liquid crystal display monitor, there are many factors to consider, such as response time. Knowing what the response… Read More

Monitor Display Problems: Diagonal Lines

Monitor display problems manifest in various ways, including strange vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. The appearance of unusual lines along the length of your monitor generally indicates a problem with… Read More

What Is Monitor Tracking in BIOS?

Confidential surveys of Fortune 500 companies by the Computer Security Institute describe hardware and software losses running into the billions of dollars annually. Surprisingly, up to 80 percent of these… Read More

Sound Problems on a Philips 190B Monitor

Your Philips 190B monitor allows you to connect headphones via the earphone jack, send sound from the built-in speakers and connect another audio device. Common problems include not hearing sound… Read More

What is WLED Display?

Unlike cathode-ray tube and plasma screens, the liquid-crystal display system in computer monitors and televisions does not produce light by itself. A bright back light shines through the LCD, where… Read More

What Is the Blue Plug Behind the Monitor?

The blue plug at the back of your monitor is called a VGA (video graphics array) connector. It is the male end of a VGA cable. The female end connects… Read More

How to Remove the Cover of the Samsung 940BW LCD

The Samsung 940BW features a 500-to-1 contrast ratio and a four millisecond response time to improve graphics speed. If the monitor is not working properly, you may need to open… Read More

Why Is the Font on My Dell Monitor So Fuzzy?

Dell monitor picture quality diminishes if the flat-panel display isn't properly set up and configured. A fuzzy font can be unpleasant and difficult to read, especially if the monitor's maximum… Read More

My PC Screen Goes Blank & There's No HDMI Signal When Connecting an HDMI Cable to a TV

Connecting your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable outputs your PC's display in the highest quality possible. However, problems with the settings on your PC or various hardware… Read More

TFT Vs. LED Display

It is easy to be confused by the many different three-letter abbreviations and acronyms used to describe the features and components of consumer electronics. These terms often hide the complexity… Read More

Average DPI of an LCD Screen

There's no exact average for DPI -- or dots per inch -- for LCD screens. DPI on an LCD screen is flexible; it depends on the resolution of your screen.… Read More

What Is an ACM Monitor?

An ACM monitor is a liquid crystal display (LCD) computer monitor from Taiwan-based information technology manufacturer Acer Inc. that uses a proprietary function called Adaptive Contrast Management. The technology is… Read More

Dell Monitor Problems: Screen Adjustment & Flickering

A misaligned or flickering Dell monitor can prove to be a real problem, especially if you are required to work on a computer for long periods of time throughout the… Read More

What Does Monitor Pivot Mean?

Monitor pivot is a feature on many monitor models which increases the number of viewing options at your disposal. Monitor pivot refers to a monitor's ability to rotate the display,… Read More

Symptoms of Faulty LCD Cables

The Liquid Crystal Display cable is a vital part of any computer or TV with an LCD screen, connecting the computer motherboard or TV image source with the rear lights… Read More

What Is GPU Scaling For?

Higher resolutions, increased contrast and smoother playback mean computer graphics are getting ever more vivid and realistic. Most of the time, that is. If you're watching a basketball game and… Read More

What Does "Frequency Out of Range" Mean on a Monitor?

If your computer's monitor displays a "Frequency out of range" error, it means that the operating system is attempting to use a display resolution or refresh rate setting that the… Read More

Why Does My LCD Screen Flicker?

Liquid crystal display monitors and televisions offer reduced weight and bulk over older CRT units. They're also less prone to flickering, since their phosphors don't pulse every time the device… Read More

Why Is the Text Blurry on an LCD Monitor?

A large portion of the content you view on your computer -- websites, email and work documents -- is text-based. When you find text difficult to read, it lowers your… Read More

Reasons for Monitor Flickering

A flickering computer monitor can cause eyestrain and headaches, making it difficult and uncomfortable to work for extended periods. In many cases, monitor flicker is the result of a Windows… Read More

How to Keep a Cracked Computer Screen From Spreading

You’re sitting at your desk, typing an e-mail and you are horrified to notice a crack in the computer’s LCD screen. Unfortunately, accidents happen and cracked computer screens – especially… Read More

How to Upgrade to a Touch Screen

Touch-screen technology is integrated into many PC bundles, but you don’t need to shop for a new computer just to get touch-screen capabilities. With the latest version of Windows and… Read More

How Can I Tell If My Monitor Is HDCP Compliant?

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a system designed to prevent the unauthorized copying of digital video content. It involves checks on all key devices and components in the chain… Read More

What Does It Mean When Your Monitor Says "Out of Range"?

The computer's video card and monitor work together to produce the display. The video card draws the information, while the monitor displays it. Every monitor has an optimal resolution at… Read More

How to Troubleshoot VGA to HDMI Converter Problems

A large flat-screen television and a computer stocked with the latest games and high-definition videos is a combination perfect for any man-cave or entertainment room. For computers with video cards… Read More

What Causes

Computer Monitors to Go Black?

A black computer monitor conjures simultaneous feelings of confusion and panic within most computer users, especially if the computer issues the normal sounds of a working machine. Nonworking monitors on… Read More

The Standard Wallpaper Sizes

Standard computer wallpaper sizes are always changing because they are relative to the current popular monitor resolutions. Ideally, a computer's wallpaper will share the same resolution as the screen, which… Read More

How to Freeze the Screen on a Smart Board

Smart Boards display instructional material and interactive online activities. You can freeze the screen during training sessions or lectures to suspend its on-screen action so that you can clarify a… Read More

How to Check a VGA Cable With a Multimeter

VGA cables that ship with brand-name monitors or those made by well-known cable manufacturers seldom fail. Additionally, better VGA cables usually support newer 16:9 aspect ratios and resolutions far beyond… Read More

How to Connect a Viewsonic Monitor to a Laptop

Large monitors, including some models manufactured by Viewsonic, can significantly reduce eyestrain from computer use. When you bring your laptop home from work or school, connecting it to an external… Read More

A computer monitor can work with either a digital visual interface or an analog video graphics array signal, with both presenting high-quality images. Because some operators use both formats for… Read More

How to Get Rid of Black Lines on a Monitor

While black lines on a monitor could be a signifier of a failing monitor, minor issues -- like a loose video cable or an outdated graphics driver -- could also… Read More

How Do I Reduce Flicker on a Computer Screen?

Flickering occurs when the screen refresh rate, or refresh interval, on a monitor is set too low. The term "refresh rate" refers to how often the monitor can obtain video… Read More

Input lag is common on all liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors. This lag is different from model to model, and can be measured in milliseconds. Testing input lag is done… Read More

How to Troubleshoot a Monitor That Flashes On and Off

If your computer screen is flashing on and off, it could be an indication that the monitor is failing. Some computer settings, however, can cause the monitor to flicker or… Read More

My Screen Is Divided: How Can I Fix It?

The basic input/output system (BIOS) is a software application installed on a small chip on the motherboard that controls the behavior of all hardware on the computer, including the video… Read More

Can You Hook a Dell Monitor to an HP Computer?

A computer monitor is a lot like a television: it takes video information and turns it into something your eyes can understand. Computer monitors from any manufacturer are compatible with… Read More

Computer Monitors & Dizziness

With the ever increasing role computers play in everyday lives, people find themselves sitting in front of their computers for longer and longer periods of time. The extreme convenience and… Read More

How Do I Fix an HP LCD Monitor That Says "Power Button Lockout"

High-definition monitors have tremendous advantages, but those great features bring some baggage with them. Complex, feature-rich monitors can encounter obscure errors that older monitors never had. Occasionally, you might find… Read More

Dead Pixel Vs. Stuck Pixel

They may be small, but malfunctioning pixels on your computer monitor can be incredibly distracting. When talking about troublesome pictures, many people use the terms "dead pixel" and "stuck pixel"… Read More

How to Enable Dual Monitors With VGA and DVI

Windows 7 natively allows a dual monitor setup, which extends or duplicates your display onto both monitors. It does not matter if one monitor uses an analog VGA interface, and… Read More

What Is RGB & CMYK?

RGB defines a computer's native color space or the method of collecting and sending color information from a camera to a viewing screen. CMYK defines the color space or method… Read More

How to Convert Centimeters to Pixels

The pixel owes its name to an abbreviation of "picture element" -- pix-el. Pixels are small, often measured in microns, but do not have a fixed size; this makes them… Read More

How to Use a Mac Cinema Screen As a TV

The Apple Cinema Display is a large widescreen LCD monitor with LED backlighting that is generally designed to connect directly to a Mac computer. If you own a Cinema Display,… Read More

How to Turn off the Power-Saving Mode on an LG Monitor M2762D

LG is a manufacturer of assorted electronics, including LCD monitors such as the M2762D. As monitors can consume a substantial amount of power when they are turned on, the default… Read More

How to Fix a Black Screen on a Toshiba A215-S7422

If the screen on your TOSHIBA A215-S7422 fails to come on or goes black, it can cause quite a panic, since the monitor is one of the most expensive components.… Read More

The technology industry has always had its wars. Blu-ray versus DVD, LCD versus plasma, Apple versus Android -- these are only some of the more recently debated topics. Computer displays… Read More

Screen burn, also known as burn-in or image retention, is a problem that has plagued humanity since the days of the old cathode ray tubes. With the advent of LCD… Read More

How to Install a BenQ Monitor

BenQ manufactures LCD monitors in a wide variety of sizes. Newer monitors use a DVI-D or HDMI input, while older monitors use VGA cables. No matter what type of video… Read More

120Hz Vs. 60Hz Computer Monitors

The "refresh rate" for computer monitors refers to the speed at which the display refreshes the picture. This is measured in "Hertz," or "Hz" for short. For example, a standard… Read More

How Do I Get the HDMI Port to Work on a Dell Studio?

The Dell Studio computer provides a number of video output options for both computing and entertainment. The combination of high-definition graphics and an available HDMI port make the studio a… Read More

Do LCD Computer Monitors Emit Radiation?

Since computers began dominating home and work environments, health concerns have arisen about prolonged computer usage. In the late 1970s and 1980s, workplaces were more concerned with basic comfort and… Read More

How to Remove a L204WT Stand

The L204WT monitor by LG is held up by a small stand that you can detach from the bottom of the monitor. Detaching the stand from the monitor makes it… Read More

How to Fix Fuzzy Text on My Monitor

Fuzzy text on a monitor is normally a sign the display settings are not set correctly. Adjusting the monitor's resolution, which determines the clarity of text and images displayed on… Read More

How to Unlock My Dell Monitor Menu

The Dell monitor connected to your computer contains a series of menu screens that let you change options such as the brightness, image position and color settings. If you want… Read More

Does Looking at a Computer Screen Hurt Your Eyes?

Human beings get the majority of information about the world and their surroundings from sight. Therefore, taking care of eyesight by undergoing regular eye examinations and reducing eyestrain is vital… Read More

My Computer Monitor Goes Into Sleep Mode Too Quick If I Don't Move the Mouse

To help conserve energy, many operating systems offer an option that automatically turns off computer monitors. This places the monitor into one of two sleep modes, which use significantly less… Read More

How to Make a Screen Less Bright Without Having to Access the Control Panel

An overly bright computer screen can lead to eye strain after extended use. If you can use your screen as a light source, then it is probably too bright, and… Read More

How to Connect an AOC Monitor to a MacBook

Connect your MacBook to an AOC monitor for a dual-monitor setup or to view digital files on a larger screen. The Mini DisplayPort included on the MacBook allows you to… Read More

Pressure Damage to an LCD Screen

LCD -- short for liquid crystal display -- technology is used in a wide variety of electronic devices. Everything from computer screens to television sets uses this technology, which creates… Read More

How to Fix a Monitor That Has a Yellow Tint

Yellow tinting in monitors can be caused by either a software calibration issue, bad cables or a worn out display and backlight. Before you assume that the issue is a… Read More

My VGA Cable Reads No Signal

Getting a "No Signal" message on a PC's monitor is not an encouraging experience; if the monitor cannot display, no work will get done until it's fixed. Fortunately, the troubleshooting… Read More

How to Prevent an OSD Timeout

Most new computer LCD monitors come equipped with an OSD (on-screen display) timeout. This feature will automatically turn off your monitor after a specified amount of time if it remains… Read More

What Is a Graphic LCD?

A graphic LCD (liquid crystal display) is an electronic visual display technology used in different gadgets and information-output sources, mostly in display screens of electronic devices. This technology employs manipulating… Read More

How to Change the Brightness on My Emachines Monitor

Your eMachines desktop computer is very customizable, and includes an option to adjust the brightness of the monitor. If the computer screen is too dark for you to be able… Read More

What Cables Are Needed with a Touch-Screen?

Touch-screens are everywhere these days, from your cellular phone, to the ATM machine, to casinos all over the country. With the explosion of touch-based computing, many people are considering adding… Read More

How to Find the Exact Center of a Screen

The exact center of a square or rectangular movie screen can be difficult to determine. When attempting to line up a projector, for example, the true center of the screen… Read More

How to Make the Type Size Larger on a Computer Screen

Typed text on a computer screen exists in a digitized state and this data is somewhat flexible and amenable. When you pull up text on the screen in an Internet… Read More

How to Reduce Screen Flicker

Screen flicker is a result of how monitors and televisions draw the displayed images. The image on a screen is redrawn 50 to 120 times per second --- 50 hertz… Read More

What Are the Causes of a Blurry Monitor?

When people speak of a blurry monitor, they are, to be more precise, speaking of a blurry screen, typically on a personal computer, or PC. Blurry screens make working on… Read More

How to Make Your Computer Brighter Than the Maximum Brightness

Most LCD computer monitors have a maximum brightness of around 300 nits (a nit is a unit developed to measure the intensity of visible light emitted from a display device),… Read More

How Do I Hook Up Two Monitors to One Computer When They Both Need to Use the Same Hookup Spot?

When it comes to computer screens, two monitors are better than one. Even if your computer only features one external monitor port, you can easily split the video output from… Read More

How to Reset an Acer LCD Monitor

Acer LCD monitors have a built-in control panel that lets you fine-tune the display for optimum quality. Using this control panel, you can adjust elements such as brightness, contrast, language… Read More

How to Reset an LG Flatron L1910S

You can reset your LG FLatron L1910S through the monitor's on-screen menu. Resetting the monitor restores the factory defaults for all the settings except Language. Resetting is useful for when… Read More

Select flat-panel monitors from Dell have an optional Soundbar speaker set that you can connect to the bottom of the display. This proprietary device has a volume control on the… Read More

The Moshi iVisor protects the glass screen of your iPhone or iPad against wear and tear from everyday use. The Moshi iVisor installs without any air bubbles and does not… Read More


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