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Get Better Playback from Netflix and Other Streaming Video Sites

Improve your web video-streaming experience to fix stuttering, long load times, and other video-streaming problems. Read More

How to Record "Minecraft" in Windows 8

Windows 8 users have reported problems with screen-recording software not working correctly while recording "Minecraft" game play. Fortunately, there are other options available. CameraStudio is a "Minecraft" mod that will… Read More

Curving Text in After Effects

Adobe After Effects offers various options for formatting and editing text but no direct option to adjust the curvature of the text. A possible workaround is to force the text… Read More

Color Tinting in After Effects

You can use the editing tools and special effects in Adobe After Effects CC to touch up digital video captures. One feature of this software is the Tint effect which… Read More

How to Insert Sprites Into After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful digital video-editing and post-processing application that is capable of handling a wide variety of file types. Animated sprites, for example, are easily imported into… Read More

How to Adjust the Master Saturation in Premiere

By changing the Saturation settings of your video clip in Adobe Premiere, you can alter the color saturation of the video. If you decrease the saturation -- or desaturate the… Read More

How to Copy & Paste Mask Points in After Effects

Some of the more advanced special effects that can be achieved with Adobe After Effects require the implementation and manipulation of layer masks. Layer masks in After Effects consist of… Read More

What Are the Frame Rates in Camtasia?

Camtasia Studio’s user interface may look complicated, but it doesn’t take long to learn to use the program to create professional looking screencast videos. Frame rate, or the number of… Read More

How to Add Sound to a Video on a Computer

Adding sound to your videos can increase their impact and give them a new meaning or ambiance. Video container formats, such as AVI and MP4, store audio and video data… Read More

How to Upload Pictures to Be Viewed on the Internet

Uploading pictures to be viewed on the internet is a great way to share life experiences with others. The best way to get started is by joining a popular website… Read More

How to Play a Video on a Kindle Fire in Full Screen

The standard Kindle Fire's multi-touch color screen supports a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution -- up to 1920 x 1200 in the 8.9-inch HD model -- so videos, movies and… Read More

How to Convert 1080 to 720

With video capture technology on cell phones, tablets and digital cameras improving yearly, more and more high-definition videos find their way onto household computers. However, the file size requirement for… Read More

Can You Rent in High Definition at iTunes?

Most of the movie content available on iTunes can be rented in high definition, depending on your region. High-definition films are available in either 720p HD (1,280-by-720 pixels) or in… Read More

Time Lapsing Tips in Final Cut Pro

When it comes to time lapsing in Final Cut Pro, you're going to want to keep a few very important things in mind. Get time lapsing tips in Final Cut… Read More

Television Effect in Final Cut Pro

A television effect in Final Cut Pro can be achieved through the use of the program's many video filters. Add a television effect in Final Cut Pro with help from… Read More

How to Warble in Final Cut Pro

"Warbling" is just one of the many effects you can add to a video project in Final Cut Pro. Learn how to warble in Final Cut Pro with help from… Read More

Animating a .PSD in Final Cut Pro

Photoshop documents typically have a .PSD file extension. Learn about animating a .PSD document in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced editor in this free video clip. Read More

How to Lighten Footage in Final Cut Pro

If you've shot footage that came out too dark, Final Cut Pro allows you to brighten it substantially. Lighten footage in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced editor… Read More

How to Add Subtitles in Final Cut Pro

Adding subtitles in Final Cut Pro allows you to more easily distinguish what your subject is saying. Add subtitles in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced editor in… Read More

Animating a Still Image in Final Cut Pro

Just because an image is still doesn't mean you can't add a little bit of animation to it. Learn about animating a still image in Final Cut Pro with help… Read More

How to Do Fast Motion in Final Cut Pro

In the old days, fast motion had to be accomplished by adjusting the camera you use for filming. Learn how to do fast motion easily in Final Cut Pro with… Read More

Adding Motion to a Graphic in Final Cut Pro

Adding motion to a graphic in Final Cut Pro requires you to start off by importing the graphic in question into your process. Learn about adding motion to a graphic… Read More

How to Increase Volume Meters in Final Cut Pro

Increasing your volume meters in Final Cut Pro can help you level out the sound of your video. Increase volume meters in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced… Read More

How to Make a Cross Process in Final Cut Pro

Making a cross process in Final Cut Pro will require you to work through the options in the "Edit" menu. Make a cross process in Final Cut Pro with help… Read More

How to Move Clips Without Dragging in Final Cut Pro

Just because you want to move clips around doesn't mean you have to physically drag them. Move clips without dragging in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced editor… Read More

How to Make a Film Border in Final Cut Pro

Making a film border in Final Cut Pro is a great way to add a fun little effect to your video. Make a film border in Final Cut Pro with… Read More

How to Apply a Filter to Multiple Clips in Final Cut Pro

You can apply the same filter to multiple clips at the same time in Final Cut Pro to save yourself a little bit of effort later on. Apply a filter… Read More

How to Get a Solid Color Background in Final Cut Pro

Getting a solid color background in Final Cut Pro is as simple as making a few quick clicks of your mouse. Get a solid color background in Final Cut Pro… Read More

How to Make a Flash Cut in Final Cut Pro

When making a flash cut in Final Cut Pro, the first thing you're going to want to start of doing is separating the two clips you're working with. Make a… Read More

The Best Way to Use MTS Files in Premiere

MTS is a file type that is used for the high-definition video camera format AVCHD, which stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition. Typically, this format is found when recording… Read More

Premiere Pro Cs3 Activation Problems

Adobe protects its Premiere Pro CS3 video-editing software from software piracy with an activation process that must be performed within 30 days of installing the software. During the activation process,… Read More

How to Make Videos Brighter With Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere includes a Brightness & Contrast effect that can make videos brighter and increase contrast. The brightness effect operates on an entire video. After adjusting the video’s brightness, you… Read More

How Long Does it Take to Convert Mkv to AVI?

While digital videos routinely undergo conversion, there are a lot of factors which can influence how long the operation takes. And re-formatting an MKV file as an AVI file is… Read More

VLC Player Effects

When you are watching a video on your computer with the VLC player, you can change the appearance of the video with various video effects. VLC is a free video… Read More

How to Merge SRT With MP4 Files

An SRT file is a standard, text-based subtitle format that accompanies a pre-existing video track. SRT tracks can be turned on or off using your computer's media player; however, merging… Read More

The Disadvantages of UDP Streaming

When contemplating whether to stream media via user datagram protocol or transmission control protocol, there's one thing to keep in mind: TCP requires and encourages communication between machines. The fact… Read More

Low Volume After MP3 Conversion With VLC

VLC is a free media player released by the VideoLAN open-source project. The application is available in versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. In addition to… Read More

Problems With CamStudio

CamStudio is an open source screen-recording application. If you are experiencing problems with the software, the easiest way to troubleshoot them is to uninstall the software and reinstall it using… Read More

What Is a VTS File?

DVD authoring requires an extensive knowledge of the internal composition of DVD video and audio files. Unlike digital video files that can be played on your computer with a series… Read More

How to Get an IPTV to Work on a Mac

IPTV offers viewers on the Internet a chance to watch streaming, international television shows on their computers. IPTV streams avoid satellite or cable overhead by broadcasting through packet-based Internet protocols… Read More

How to Convert a CPI File

To convert a CPI file properly you must have the accompanying MTS file. The CPI file contains only specific metadata about the MTS file; no actual video footage is stored… Read More

How to Make Subtitles Automatically Using Speech to Text

Voice recognition software that's capable of speech-to-text conversion for video files with multiple voices typically does not do an adequate job. However, if there is only one clear voice in… Read More

Why Will My Voice Over Not Work in iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software application that allows users to create and edit their own movies on their Mac computers. It comes with a variety of features, including the… Read More

CamStudio vs. HyperCam

Screencasting is the process of recording the events on a computer screen, often with audio commentary. It is commonly used in the production of software tutorials and similar material. Numerous… Read More

How to Use Fraps Without the Loss of FPS

With Fraps, capturing exciting or impressive game play has never been easier. Since Fraps records a direct feed of your video game, the overall quality will look near identical to… Read More

SRT Subtitles Are Out of Sync

When a video's subtitles go out of sync, it throws you entirely out of the video; you find yourself focusing more on the discrepancy and less on the dialogue and… Read More

Premiere Pro is a digital video production application developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The CS5 version of Premiere Pro is compatible with many… Read More

Blurry View in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro offers high-definition editing of multiple video formats, but while using the software you may come across blurry footage or a pixelated "Monitor" window that is effecting your… Read More

Can You

Use an Apple ProRes 422 With Adobe Premiere Pro?

Apple designs the ProRes 422 video format to work specifically with the Final Cut Pro editing program. However, it is possible to edit ProRes files using Adobe Premiere Pro. Because… Read More

How to Make Premiere CS5 Run Faster

Premiere Pro CS5 is a video editing program developed by Adobe. According to Adobe’s marketing pitch for the software, Premiere Pro CS5 is designed to “let you edit faster with… Read More

How to Make Animated Subtitles in PowerDirector

Adding subtitles to videos can be useful if you want to show a translation of the video's dialogue, clarify what is being said if the audio is faint or hard… Read More

How to Make a Censor Bar With Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free program distributed by Microsoft that allows you to edit video footage. While the program offers less features than some of its competitors, it… Read More

How to Make Sony Vegas Run Faster

Because the Sony Vegas video editing software is complex and requires a lot of memory to handle the graphics and interactive editing tools, it may run slowly and lag. You… Read More

How to Key Out a Moving Object in Adobe After Effects

In Adobe After Effects, keying out objects used to require frame by frame masking and adjusting. Now you can use the Roto Brush tool to make quick adjustments to layers… Read More

How to Invert Video Color Effects

Adobe Premiere is a paid digital video editing application developed by Adobe Systems. Among other features, Adobe Premiere allows you to apply various effects to a video -- including an… Read More

How to Make a Motion Detector Using AForge

Motion detection in computer video analysis involves using various algorithms for detecting motion in video on a frame-by-frame basis. AForge.NET is a C# library that programmers can use to implement… Read More

The iMovie Export Is Blurry

The iMovie video editing software lets you easily add a professional flair to your home movies. Any blurriness, however, will strip away the quality from your feature film. By adjusting… Read More

Sony Vegas is a video editing application with a wide range of options for adding effects, transitions and more to your videos. You can add a flash of light effect… Read More

How to Create an Alpha Channel in After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful video composition and effects application for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Images and video footage are organized into layers and arranged on… Read More

Adobe Premiere and Blurry Exports

When you export video in Adobe Premiere, there are many options to consider. This includes resolution, file type and the frame rate of the project. If any of these options… Read More

Does VLC Play Blu-Ray?

VideoLAN's VLC Media Player software supports the playback of Blu-ray discs on compatible computers. The program is capable of playing a large variety of multimedia files, in addition to its… Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of MPEG-7

The Moving Pictures Experts Group has compiled several standards for digital movies and other recordings, but the files resulting from these standards are not searchable. The MPEG-7 standard is an… Read More

Does Adobe Premiere Support Dazzle DVC100 Capture Cards?

With the Dazzle DVC100 capture card, users can connect an S-Video or RCA video source to a computer through the USB port. The result digitizes video for use in video… Read More

The CS2 Premiere Pro Will Not Open an MP4

Adobe Premiere CS2 has the capabilities to open and edit all types of media files, including MPEG, AVI, WMV and MOV files. At the time of CS2's release, the MP4… Read More

How to Convert RatDVD to AVI

RatDVD is an application that takes a standard DVD and compresses it down into a smaller file size. While the .ratDVD file is smaller, it is hard to find many… Read More

After Effects Web Banners

It may seem like overkill to use video composition program to make a simple Web banner, but that power may be what you need to create draw-dropping banners. Adobe After… Read More

How to Capture ASX

ASX, an acronym for Advanced Stream Redirector, is a type of metafile that points to the location of a media file on a server. The encapsulation format is commonly used… Read More

iMovie Freezes During Export

Once you've uploaded and edited a video using the iMovie video editing program, it can be really frustrating to have your system crash or freeze when you're ready to complete… Read More

What Is SVRT in PowerDirector?

SVRT, which is an acronym for Smart Video Rendering Technology, is CyberLink's proprietary movie rendering alogrithm. CyberLink includes SVRT for use when creating movies in its popular PowerDirector and PowerProducer… Read More

How to Use VLC With HDHomeRun

HDHomeRun TV tuners can stream TV channels to any computer on the same local network as the HDHomeRun device. SiliconDust provides a software package that can control the HDHomeRun device,… Read More

How to Spotlight a Player in a Video

If you've recorded a great game featuring a star player, there may come a time when you want to use the video to spotlight that player's great moves. To do… Read More

How to Clean Pixelated Video

Pixelation results from high levels of data compression in video files. The compression makes video files smaller, cutting memory usage, but too much compression hurts the video quality. After this… Read More

What Is InterVideo WinCinema?

A suite of multimedia applications including a DVD player and recorder, InterVideo WinCinema lets you create and copy DVDs and Video Compact Discs within one application. The suite is free… Read More

Movie Maker Codec Problem in MTS

MTS is a highly specialized high-definition digital video format that was created by electronics corporations. While there are some similarities between MTS and other digital video formats that are supported… Read More

What Plugins Does Hulu Need?

Hulu is a free online video service that streams television shows from network and cable channels like NBC, Fox and SyFy. To play the videos on your computer, you must… Read More

Can I Delete Rendered Files in PPro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing application that lets you import, edit and output digital video files for DVD transfer or broadcasting to an audience. The application includes a… Read More

Converter Problems with RealPlayer FLV

RealPlayer is a free media player that is installed with a video conversion utility called RealPlayer Converter. The application accessory can convert an FLV file into alternate digital media formats… Read More

How to Hardcode Subtitles Into an MKV

Hardcoded subtitles, unlike soft or embedded subtitles, can not be turned on or off, as they are burnt in to the video file itself. MKVs are multi-media containers that may… Read More

What Is a VSO Device?

VSO devices are programs from the French company VSO, which sells a variety of programs for managing and copying digital movies and photographs. VSO software is accompanied by the Patin-Couffin… Read More

The Minimum Bitrate for MP4

MP4 is a standardized definition of a media format container for video and audio files. A media format container can hold various kinds of multimedia, including video, audio, subtitle and… Read More

Adobe Flash is a software program used to design video, animation and other website content. To view content created in Flash, you need Adobe Flash Player on your computer. When… Read More

When evaluating the MP4 and 3GP formats, the question is not which one stores superior digital video, but rather, which one is best suited to the task at hand. While… Read More

Why Are Videos Blurry on My Computer?

Blurry playback on a video could be the result of an incompatible media player, missing components, insufficient disk space or defective encoding. While many factors could be responsible, the specific… Read More

VLC Will Not Play .Mov Files

The VLC media player is designed to play back almost any type of media file on nearly any system. However, this media player isn't without errors, and QuickTime's MOV file… Read More

When it comes to video production, almost nothing causes more frustration for videographers than trying to shoot a scene at night. The problems come with the lighting -- too much… Read More

Color bars appear as a test pattern to help keep consistency and quality in video production. This test pattern is created electronically in the video camera or in post production,… Read More

Highlighting an object in Adobe's Premiere Pro requires using both lighting effects and key frames together. The lighting effects feature allows you to place a light in a scene and… Read More

Photo Booth is a free program included with Macintosh laptops that enables you to take pictures and shoot video using the built-in iSight camera. Photo Booth does not include editing… Read More

FBR is a proprietary file format used by the BB FlashBack screen recording program for the Windows operating system. You can use this program to record actions you take on… Read More

Some camcorders and other recording devices store the video they generate in a format called MOD, which is actually a version of the common MPEG-2 format that uses the AC3… Read More

A CGI short film is a short movie made entirely on a computer using animation software. You can create your own short CGI animations and upload them to video sharing… Read More

Although iTunes is an easy-to-use audio and video player, it does not give you the ability to extract content from music or movies you have on your computer. Fortunately, your… Read More

How to Stream Video to a Samsung TV

Samsung HDTVs feature the capability to connect to your network and stream content directly from other network devices including your computer. The PC Share Manager application is included with the… Read More

How to Make an .FLV From a .PNG Sequence Using FFmpeg

FFMpeg is a command line video encoder that can be installed on most operating systems. It supports most image formats and video codecs. You can use the software to convert… Read More

How to Reduce High-Pitched Noise Post-Production in Videos

When you've recorded a piece of video, there's almost nothing more irritating than importing it to your video editing program and finding there's a high-pitched noise or other audio interference… Read More

How to Transfer uTorrent Movies to Apple TV

You can transfer the movie files you download from the uTorrent file-sharing service to your iTunes library so they can be accessed by your Apple TV device. While iTunes can… Read More

How to Do Picture in Picture on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a useful tool for videographers who want a simple interface that allows for adding transitions, title pages, music and other basic video editing effects. While the… Read More

How to Make a Time Lapse Video From Pictures in Final Cut Pro

Time lapse videos provide a look at events that happen over an extended period of time. Using pictures or short video clips taken in intervals, they can give us a… Read More

How to Extract an SRT From an MKV on a Mac

Matroska video files have the ".mkv" file extension, causing them to sometimes be referred to as MKV files. Unlike most video formats, where the SRT subtitle file exists independent of… Read More

How to Make Clones in iMovie

With the way a day can pass by so quickly, there's a pretty good chance you may have wanted to clone yourself a time or two, just to be able… Read More


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