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Create Stunning Video Photo Slideshows in Minutes with Minimal Effort. Read Our Review of the Best Slideshow Software

Looking for the best Slideshow Software? I was until I came across this free online slideshow maker.

Have you ever wondered which is the best slideshow software to use to create professional looking photo dvds and slideshows with the minimum amount of effort.

Not long ago I started to wonder if there was a better way to show off all my family photos without having to keep sending huge email attachments. You know, the ones that fill up your inbox so you stop getting real mail.

So I started looking around at the options and decided to have a go at creating some photo slideshows.

My video editing skills were lacking so I didn’t want to do anything complicated, but I do record lots of short video clips on my digital camera and iPhone so wanted something that could incorporate those, along with my photos.

There is a lot of slideshow software on the market and trying to pick the best slideshow software is not always an easy task. If you’re lucky then you can download a trial version to test but this is not always the case and then where do you stand. Laying out your hard earned cash on some slide show software that may not do what you want it to is not an option I want to take.

There is always a risk you take when you download software as you are never guaranteed that it will work properly on your computer. A lot of it tends to be buggy so it needs to come with a good support service.

The trouble is that you never know how long support be provided. What if the software developer goes out of business, who’s going to keep your slideshow software running then. The next time Microsoft or Apple decide to send out a patch or upgrade to your operating system it could mean that your photo slideshow software stops working.

The Best Slideshow Software for PC and Mac

So I started looking for an online slideshow maker and that is when I found Animoto. For me this is the best slideshow software because of the major benefits that it offers.

  • No software to install or upgrade
  • Works on any PC or Mac. Even on a Smartphone
  • Files are stored securely online
  • Not limited to one computer
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality, High Definition Slideshows and Video clips
  • Free for the Lite version
  • Makes fantastic looking slide shows

Let me explain in a little more detail.

There is nothing to install, unless you want to use it from your smartphone or tablet computer. All of the software is run online so you don’t need to go through the hassel of installing any software on your computer, no more worring about constantly updating the software. It’s hosted on Animoto servers so they take care of everything.

If you have an internet connection then you can create online slideshows. You’re probably thinking that you need some super duper fast broadband connection to make it work. I hear you but it’s really not necessary. So long as you can upload your photos to Animoto then you’re good to go.

Animoto take care of all the heavy processing and editing of the video. So you don’t need to go out and start buying the latest graphics cards or upgrading your computer. In fact you can even run this slideshow software from your mobile device. If you have an iPhone, iTouch or iPad then you can just download the application for free and have a slideshow ready by the time you finish your morning cup of coffee.

You get to store your finished slide-shows on a secure server so that you don’t have to worry about them being accidentally deleted. Everything is backup up automatically so you’re not going to lose everything if the system crashes

Unlike standalone software that normally only comes with a single licence, meaning you can only run it from one

computer. With this online slideshow maker you can create photo slideshows from any computer that has an internet connection.

Imagine being on holiday half way around the world. You’re having a great time and want to share the experience with your loved ones and friends at home. You whip out your iPhone, connect to the internet, log into your Animoto accounts and start transferring your photos. Minutes later you have a photo slideshow that you can share automatically on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more social media accounts.

Your friends can watch it, download it and even make a photo DVD slideshow. Isn’t that the making of the best slideshow software .

Add Slideshow Songs and Music

How do you get a soundtrack on your slideshow that rocks but without you havig to worry about copyright infringement.

This is one of the coolest things that Animoto do. If you’ve ever spent hours looking for that perfect music or song to accompany your slideshow then you know what I mean.

If you have any inclination to upload your finished photo slideshow or video to one of the many video sharing sites then you will need to make sure that your video is unique and doesn’t contain any copyrighted video or soundtracks. Youtube is very good at scanning video slideshows for this type of content and will soon let you know if you are.

But why worry about this. With a vast library of licenced music there are over 1000 slideshow songs to choose from so you can easily find the perfect tracks to compliment the mood of your slideshow.

Find the Best Wedding Slideshow Software

Are you getting married? Do you know someone that is? What if you could create a fantastic video slideshow of the wedding.

We all know how expensive wedding photographers can be. If you’re lucky they might also make a video of your wedding. If not then you’re going to have to hire someone extra to do it. But why spend thousands of dollars on this service when even someone with limited computer experience can produce a video slideshow that is just as good, if not better.

With Animoto you could do it yourself.

The Best Slideshow Software for Professional or Home Use

Every Animoto video is different. Each time you generate a new video the Animoto slideshow software uses its artificial intelligence to combine the slides and photos in ways that compliment the music. As the tempo increases so does the speed of the slides. It’s all hands-off and with multiple styles to choose from you can create elegant and creative slide shows every time.

You could even earn an income selling promotional videos to local busines. With the whitelabel version of Animoto your clients would never know how you created your video slideshows.

Most businesses stay away from video not because they don’t want to use it but because of the excessive price tag normally associated with it. It wouldn’t even take much work. Just get the promotional material from the company themselves and then add a bit of text, some sound maybe even a voice over and you’re good to go.

Give it a go make a free slideshow today and amaze yourself with you new found skills.

Animoto is Our Choice for Best Slideshow Software of 2013

There are three different Animoto accounts available to suit different needs. I recommend starting with the free account.

  • Lite – Create unlimited number of up to 30 second videos absolutely free
  • Plus – Create longer videos, output to DVD and share to your social accounts
  • Pro – Unlimited length, unbranded and HD quality for commercial use

It is so simple to use it is good for kids and adults alike. It is even possible to gift an account to someone else, as a present.  So forget the boring old ecards this next holiday season, send a personal photo slideshow instead.

Whether for holidays, weddings, graduations or just a family get-together Animoto is the best slideshow software for creating professional looking videos and photo slideshows in minutes.


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