How to Authorize Computer in iTunes?

About Authorization:

With the prevailing of various Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. among our modern life. Apple's iTunes store has become a full-fledged online marketplace for all forms of digital entertainment, including music, applications, books, TV shows, and movies. To support and retain its growing media market, Apple's licensing system needs its users to authorize their computer with Apple ID first, and only after that would they be able to play purchases like music, books, apps etc. on the authorized computer. What's more, the number of authorized computer is limited in 5. That means if you want to play your purchases in 6 computers you are required to deauthorize an original one first and then authorize the additional one.

Note: Songs which is encode in AAC format from a source other than the iTunes Store like your own audio CDs, and iTunes Plus content (music and music videos) and be played freely on your computer without authorization.

Why need to authorize computer with iTunes account?

To better manage your Apple devices and iTunes, it is very important for you to learn how to authorize computer with iTunes account because:

Firstly: Authorizing computer enables you automatically download history purchases on your computer, and then sync or use apps, audiobooks, books, music, movies, or other content you've purchased from the iTunes Store freely.

Second: Since Apple allows its users to authorize up to 5 computers with the same Apple ID, that means you can play the some purchase on 5 computers and share with 4 other users. That's really a good method to reduce the average cost of each purchase right?

How to authorize iTunes Account to computer step by step?

1: Open the

latest version of iTunes on your computer. If you don't have it, you can go to iTunes Website to get one.

2: Click "Store " button at the top right of the iTunes interface, and select "Authorize This Compute r". If you cannot find this option in "Store", try to access it through "Advanced " menu in the latest iTunes.

3: A window will pop out and promote you for your iTunes account (Apple ID) and password. Just enter the right information and click " Authorize ".

4: After submission, a dialog box will indicate how many computers you have currently authorized to access your Apple account. Now your computer is authorized by your iTunes account and can download or playback your purchases freely.

Note: If you have several iTunes accounts, you will need to log in to the iTunes Store and authorize each of them separately.

If you have authorized your computer to play your iTunes Store purchases, but you can't play them and iTunes keeps prompting you to authorize the computer. That means you need to authorize your purchases from an administrator account. What you should to do first is getting the administrator account from the administrator of your computer, log into the computer with administrator account and follow the steps mentioned above to authorize iTunes account to computer. After the authorization, you will need to log out and log back in to the user account you would like to play your purchases from.

That's the whole content about how to authorize computer in iTunes, if you want to add one more authorization computer with your iTunes account but it has reached the limit, then you have to deauthorize iTunes account from computer.


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