How to Block Facebook Website on Personal Computer

Last Updated on: 12/29/ 2014

Have you ever felt as if you can’t get away from Facebook. That whenever you sit down in front of your computer, you end up signing into your Facebook account and forget all about the office, Blogging or academic work you were supposed to do? Not, to worry, as the same thing has happened to me and many of us. And I believe that it’s time that we put our foot down and block Facebook from our computers.

Some time, I really feel sites like Facebook, Twitter and many other in the same category, are useful but hampers our productivity. As time spend on these sites are countless and probably using a Websites counter time extension. may give you a better idea about how much time you spent on different social networking sites including Facebook.

Staying in contact with other people and making new friends can be considered as a good thing as it allows us to socialize and get to know about other cultures, using Facebook for hours at a time can’t be considered healthy. That is why you should know how to block Facebook website on a personal computer. Or if you are parents and find your child spending countless of time on Facebook or app like airtime, it’s in the best interest to allow limited time to access Facebook.

According to recent reports, it has been seen that using Facebook too much can hurt a person’s self-esteem. People, who use Facebook, have a lot of interactions with other people through the internet, and that is why it can be said that they sometimes lack the skills necessary for interacting with different people in real life. Sometimes it also happens that people are so engrossed in using Facebook that they forget about the work they have to do, and they spend that time checking Facebook status updates and visiting their ‘walls’. So, knowing how to block Facebook on personal computer is a good thing.

Learning how to block Facebook on your Personal Computer is easy enough. You can do this kind of block through software, or you can do this manually.

How to block Facebook on a computer Manually

You can always buy software’s which let you set parental control or block access to certain sites or complete social networking sites group. Though, I prefer using manual way to block Facebook or similar sites. It may be little geeky for many, but I’m sure you might not like the idea to open your Windows hosts file regularly to play block and unblock game.

In the manual method, you will be making some changes to the ‘hosts’ file present in your computer

system, by using a notepad.

These ‘hosts’ file is present in different locations depending on the OS your computer has;

  • For Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vita and 7, the file is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
  • If you have Unix or Linux, it is at /etc/hosts
  • Go to System Folder and then Preferences, if you have Mac OS 9
  • For the Mac OS X, the file is at /private/etc/hosts

Though the location of the ‘hosts’ file is different, the method of blocking a website on your PC is the same.

Open the hosts file in notepad and at the end of the script, simply add the lines:


Now, save the changes that you have made, and you will see that your computer won’t open Facebook when you try to access it.

If you have Windows 7, then you can’t edit the ‘hosts’ file, so just follow the method below;

  • Right-click the hosts file and go to the file properties and then move to the Security tab, select Users under Group or the user names and then select the ‘edit’ button. ‘Permission for Host Window’ will now open.
  • Select Users account and grant the permission in ‘Permission for SYSTEM’ by clicking all the checkboxes under ‘Allow’ Name and then press OK. Keep in mind that you are not to check any of the ‘Deny’ checkboxes you see.

I have told you two methods through which you can know how to block Facebook website on Personal Computer. Knowing these methods is a good way if you don’t want Facebook distracting you from your work or anyone else who might be using your computer system.

For Bloggers. I recommend to use this Chrome extension call Pomodoro. You can block all such sites like Facebook, Pinterest or any other which works as distraction while you are working. Simply enable the extension and add list of sites you wish to block.

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Well, blocking Facebook or not is your choice and if you have a great self-control, you don’t need any software or use any of the above mentioned trick to block Facebook or any other social networking sites. My usage of Facebook is limited to managing my Fan pages, and for this I use Page manager app on my iPhone and iPad, and avoid spending lots of time on Facebook. You can easily convert those unproductive time to productive by reading or learning new stuff.


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