How can i free up space on my computer

(comes with easy to configure anti spam measures)

See why so many thousands of sites have this plugin installed

CommentLuv Premium is a popular WordPress plugin that will magnetize your readers, socialize your comments and viralize your posts!

Reward your readers and have fine grain control over dofollow, keywords in the name and the ability to add twitter names to comments.

It includes some of the most advanced anti spam features to protect you from bots and sophisticated heuristics to prevent human spam which has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of spam that a blog gets.

Engagement will increase and your rankings will improve when Google sees how many comments get replies and guest authors will never miss a comment on their contributed posts.

It has been downloaded over 700000 times and there are 10’s of thousands of active blogs out there waiting to give you advanced backlink features once you install CommentLuv Premium to your site. Full 30 day money back guarantee!

The plugin combines 8 plugins in to one including..

CommentLuv Premium with added features to help your posts go viral, get more traffic and reward your readers and unlock advanced backlink features on every CommentLuv blog.


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