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eBay RoundupEbay consigner Luxeswap has some really nice stuff up this week, including a shawl collar cardigan from The Armoury and a special edition cycling jacket by Brooks England and Timothy Evere

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eBay Roundup

When I die, please bury me in a navy shawl collar Drake’s cardigan. Size XS, for reference.

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Free Pocket Squares From Us. Really.

For three years, our Put This On Gentlemen’s Association has been the world’s best (and maybe only) pocket square subscription service. We make pocket squares by hand from the finest fabrics in the world - from seventy-five-year-old Japanese cotton and

WWII-era rayon to silks from England’s finest mills. Every other month, we send them out to subscribers around the world, and because we make them in-house with no retail middleman, we’re able to offer them at much lower prices than the few other brands who truly make their squares by hand.

Our next shipment goes out the first week of June, and to get in on it, you have to sign up in the next week. If you’ve ever considered signing up, now’s the time: for the first time ever, we’re offering a free pocket square to every new subscriber.

Even better - sign up for a year’s subscription, and you’ll get a third pocket square, made of white Irish linen, in your first shipment.

We’re so proud to offer this service - I love to travel and find the amazing fabrics we use for our squares. I hope you’ll join us today.


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