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October 2, 2012

Novag Citrine Senator

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The Novag Senator is an improved Citrine by virtue of it’s enhanced pieces which are from the luxury range of ChessBaron and have been re-engineered to work with the Citrine. They give the Citrine an improved performance through the superb feel of the pieces rather than the poor quality of the standard Novag supplied pieces.

July 15, 2007

Who’s who in UK Chess Computer Retailing?

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Saitek Death Wish

Citrine and Grandmaster Slug-Out

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Excalibur and Novag have two great high end desktop chess computers with strong engines and loads of functionality. Who wins?

The answer only partially depends on a number of preferences – with everything taken into account the conclusion is clear and consensual. As for individual preferences, if you prefer a wood cabinet it’s Novag’s Citrine, if you need strength of rating you’ll also be looking for the Citrine. If you value size of playing surface you’ll prefer Excalibur’s Grandmaster and if you prefer touranment size pieces then it’s also the Grandmaster.

If these preferences are minor and you want the best product for the price tag, that’s where we see some

clarity, the Grandmaster is a better product and a better buy. When Novag brought out a fully wooden cabinet with wooden pieces and stuck a high price tag on their Citrine (50% more than the Excalibur Grandmaster), why did they then go cheap with the materials and piece quality? The weightless pieces would retail as part of an economy chess set, and the cabinet quality has a cheap feel about it that is dissapointing to many buyers. It’s also to small in overall size. In contrast the Excalibur Grandmaster is a good size, full size pieces and unashamably synthetic (OK…. plastic). The pieces are not just full tournament sized – they are triple weighted and just feel great compared to the cheap Citrine pieces that could almost blow over. The Citrine is a product that could be used as a chess computer, or by pulling out the male connectors be used as a board and pieces with another human. A good idea that is achieved in part, but the set becomes a cheap ordinairy set in this guise. The price tag demands a product that is both enjoyable as a computer and enjoyable, even prestigous as a normal set and pieces. The Excalibur makes no apology for being plastic but excels in the quality feel of the set. We expect our electronic oponent to be a little synthetic is make-up and so easily overcome the material used, after which the machine is a pleasure to use.

The winner is the Excalibur Grandmaster.


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