How computer mice work


Change the batteries in the mouse if the mouse doesn't work. Remove the battery cover and insert new batteries. Turn the Logitech wireless mouse on with the switch on the mouse.

Turn off devices that are in the same frequency range as the mouse. Logitech wireless mice operate at 2.4 GHz, which is in the same area as Wi-Fi routers and older cordless phones. Start by turning those devices off and see if you can eliminate any causes of interference. Test with wireless speakers too, then computer power supplies, monitors, cellular telephones and garage door openers.


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First check that the mouse will work with your computer and operating system. Almost all Logitech mice work in the Windows environment.

A wireless mouse or a computer mouse for a desk top can work on a laptop if the mouse does not work.

The Logitech keyboard comes in several different styles, but they all use the same basic software. Most Logitech wireless keyboards also bundle.

How to Troubleshoot My Mouse That Is Not Working. Comments. Logitech's MX Laser Mouse has a double battery compartment for two.

Gigaware wireless optical mice developed by RadioShack maintain the regular functions of a regular mouse with the added benefit of wireless connectivity.

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Turn off the mouse. Take out the mouse's batteries. Logitech cordless optical mice provide a number of advantages over traditional trackball.


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