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IRC, Email, gopher, FTP, archie. HTTP, WWW. VOIP, Internet Video. P2P, Sensor Networks. This is just a to inform you to backup your data. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: How a computer works

How a computer works?
  • CS0004
  • Introduction to Programming
First, What is a computer?
  • CPU (central processing unit)
First, What is a computer?
  • CPU (central processing unit)
  • Memory
First, What is a computer?
  • CPU (central processing unit)
  • Memory
  • Hard Disk
Whats with the storage?
  • Fast at the top, but very small!

Input/Output - IO Devices How are they connected?

  • Client/Server model
  • Internet Evolution
  • IRC, Email, gopher, FTP, archie
  • VOIP, Internet Video
  • P2P, Sensor Networks
The Internet
  • Computers connected to each other
What is Programming?
  • Everything the CPU does is with strings of 0s
and 1s
  • 110101000101110101
  • Assembly Languages
  • Specific to CPU (Intel, PowerPC, AMD)
  • High-level Languages
  • C, Java, and VB!
  • Exploring Windows
    • Let me show you.
    Backup, Backup!
    • This is just a slide to inform you to backup your

    lost my data.

  • Backup, Backup, Backup.
  • What is a program?
    • Collection of instructions that
    • Accepts input
    • Process Data
    • Outputs results


    Process How do you program?

    • Analyze what you need
    • I need to calculate monthly payments.
    • Design the program
    • Monthly payment (interestbalance)/term
    • What it going to look like? Interface design
    • Code
    • Write code to implement design
    • Test and Debug
    • Make sure everything works
    Whats different about VB?
    • Traditional Programs
    • Text Interfaces (ugly)
    • In total control until program ends
    • Windows Based Application
    • User Driven Interfaces (GUIs)
    • User in control of the system
    • Event driven
    Writing Programs in VB
    • Design Interface
    • Decide what events to handle
    • Write code for each event
    • Test, Debug, Test, Debug, Test, Debug, Test,

    Debug, Test Example

    • Collect a list of numbers and find the average of

    that list. understand

  • In VB a program is called a project
  • Algorithm Series of steps to solve some problem
  • Note a computer doesnt understand an algorithm
  • Implementing Process of converting an algorithm how computer works ppt
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