Saving the Salmon in California

As California's drought endangers Chinook salmon, fisheries officials release 600,000 baby salmon into the Sacramento River, triple the usual number, in hopes that many return to spawn.

When the Snows Fail

The American West faces persistent drought, whether or not relief comes this winter. When will the hard choices be made?

Indigenous Canadians Seek to Protect Forest Homeland

Dredging in Biscayne Bay inflicts

heavy damage on North America's only coral reef tract.

Chytrid fungus, responsible for amphibian declines and extinctions around the world, is now confirmed in Madagascar.

With severe water shortages in Brazil's cities and destructive floods in the Amazon, the boom-and-bust phenomenon may be South America's new normal.

Eugenie Clark, a marine biologist and ichthyologist, helped the public understand and appreciate the much maligned shark.

Source: environment.nationalgeographic.com

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