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Stream Video Games To Your Mobile Device

As a society, we are moving more and more towards mobile computing.  And while mobile devices do have the obvious benefit of being small, practical, and allowing us to have computing power just about anywhere, they do limit how much computing power we can carry around with us.  Granted, the computing power of smartphones and […]

Android Security: NoRoot Firewall

Do you ever worry that your mobile applications may be secretly or unnecessarily connecting to the Internet?  Over the years, I have downloaded countless apps from the Google Play Store and found the vast majority of them accessing the Internet for reasons unrelated to their purpose or function.  An

instant messaging app, for example, can […]

Turn Your Old Smartphone Into A Security Camera

How often do you upgrade your smartphone? For many, a phone’s lifecycle is like this: here today, gone tomorrow. There are of course those of us who always want the newest smartphones.  Yet, even those of use who are not the early adopters typically swap out our phones every couple of years. We saw a […]

How To Install A Solid State Drive (SSD)

New Graphics API’s And The Future Of PC Gaming

Performance Tuning Black Art: How to Short-Stroke a Hard Drive

What Really Matters in Enterprise IT: Part I

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